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thanks for the congrats everyone. seriously this site made me concerned b/c I remember the issue of the hotel not being able to accommodate all the guests. So I may have sent my save the date email out once a week and put updates on my facebook but looks like it worked out. hahha

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If you're really sure you want to do it that would be great! If you get overwhelmed I'll definitely have your back. Let us know what you decide.


Originally Posted by thefuturemrslutz View Post
Amy and Wendy!!! These stories are soooo sweet!!! I was literally in tears reading about your fi's reactions!!!!!!! I was telling my FI about your books and he seemed so confused...so now I am worried he won't even like mine sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif [/color]


I am sure your FI will love the pics! Don't get discouraged. I'm not sure about your FI, but mine is soooo uninterested in everything until he sees it or it's done without him. Then he gets on the bandwagon. Like you said, he just doesn't understand it all, yet.



UGH this is sooooo sad!!! I am SO sorry!!! I was having a bad day about the wedding bawling my eyes out...then I felt guilty. So I know how you feel, but it is STILL you wedding and STILL important. It's all relative...

Now in regards to invites...I can help you. I did passport invites AND pocketfold invites all by myself...They were not expensive at all. I have a fabulous paper store online (Card Stock, Vellum Paper, Envelopes, Metallic Cardstock, Invitation Cards   Specialty Wedding Stationery - Paperandmore.com) that is VERY reasonable. Let me know how I can help you!!! You can email me if you like: lindzhayz@gmail.com


I am definitely open to all the help I can get. I am actually interested in boarding pass invites and possibly doing a passport type welcome book (if I still feel ambitious). I know you are busy with your own planning though so I feel bad taking time away from that. I'll email you, maybe I can assist you in something you may need too.




I agree, but I didn't see any pics....is that a privilege that I'm not allowed to have yet?! Lol.




Look Amy! I'm multiquoting....or I guess we'll see when I click submit reply.




That's what I meant, the pool deck. Is that different from Plaza Zavaz? My WC made it seem like they were in the same location.


What have you been doing here in N.O.? Need any recs for restaurants? Lindz may actually be better at recommending places than me though. embarrest.gif I had never been to the places she went when she came last month.

I believe the pool deck is different from Plaza Zavaz because I'm having a cocktail reception at the pool deck and the reception at the Plaza Zavaz and no one has ever told me they're the same place. I think I have pictures of both locations. Send me your email address and I'll send you the pics I have.


I'm supposed to be attending a conference here in New Orleans but it seems as though I just came here to eat and drink! cheers.gif

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Meredith - Nice on the multiquoting!


For Lindz's e-pics, I was referring to her new siggy pic and her avatar that show up when she posts. I'm sure she has a lot more but I haven't seen them yet! So don't worry, you're not missing out wink.gif

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Gingerlover - I personally didn't want to risk breaking my ankle but I think some past brides have. They have a wood runner that you can walk on but it doesn't run the whole length of beach that you walk.


bigboponthebeach - welcome3.gif to the thread! I've added you to our list!

Gingerlover36 - I've added you too!

Anyone else that needs to be added, please PM me with your wedding date!


OMG Renee is only a few days away!!!


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Thanks so much for adding me, Nicole! You rock! That list is quite lengthy, which is nice to know there are tons of "realistic consultants" to lean on for genuine advice! So glad I found this forum as well as you ladies!

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Originally Posted by gingerlover36 View Post
Question for any brides who were married on the beach - were you able to wear heels? or is that just ridiculous?
Even though I wasn't married on the sand, I ended up getting wedges just in case. Nicole is right about the wooden aisle runner not running the length. A lot of brides get sandals for the ceremony and then change into heels for the reception.

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