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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by bryteyedbride Hello my bridal twin! Your pics are stunning, just like you were on 05/28! Also, check your personal email...I sent you some pics! Hello my Love!!!! I soooo owe you an email! I left for travel status early this morning so I was trying to spend time with the family before I left, but I promise to email you back tomorrow for sure. I LOVE the pictures that you sent of us! Thank you for sharing them......They are classic good times!!! My husband loved them and showed them to our neighbors who just married last year. He bragged
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by MishMash Your pictures look great!!! Your hair and makeup came out awesome!!! Thanks for the input!! Also, good to hear they dont overbook the salon, because having a few moments alone would be nice before everything starts What photographers did you go with?? Thanks MishMash! It was really nice to have some quiet time alone in the salon to collect my thoughts and finish my cards to my Mom and Dad. Our photgrapher was Elizabeth Medina. She is listed on this site as a vendor and she is one of the kindest souls EVER! My husband jus
  3. UPDATE: 1) The flower girl basket has been sold. 2) The gazebo sheers need to be sold together. Thanks!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Mwise17 When you said 80's I pictured Madonna in True Blue video...lol....no way, you looked fab, with the hair up or down! Gorgeous pics...you can feel the love!!!!! Thanks Mwise!!! It honestly wasn't too far off. LOL :-) Elizabeth Medina is phenomenal and the credit must go to her! She did a wonderful job of capturing the emotions of candid moments. Thanks so much, Jessie! Same sentiments as Murmel here, Hubs was in charge of this purchase but I just checked our box and he purchased the exact Bose system you listed ab
  5. Thanks! MishMash and Ally.... a few more things I forgot to tell you. It took Edgar about 3 hours to complete both my hair and make up and I did feel rushed when I returned to my room to dress for our ceremony. So please keep this in mind for timing purposes. Because I was too lazy, hot, and excited to flat iron my hair, I had "BIG" hair the next morning for our TTD. Lastly, although our wedding weekend was considered "booked" and one of the busiest of the year, there was not a soul in the salon except I, with the exception of gal that came in for a pedicure when I was almost finishe
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by MishMash Did anyone use the AZ makeup and hairstylists provided with the packages??? If so, Reviews please!!! We are getting married July 14, 2012, and received all of our stuff from the WC. Its finally sinking in now, I'm getting married!! This is so exciting but a bit scary too! It seems they are pushing the vendors they want you to chose otherwise there is an $800 outside vendor fee. Any tips from AS brides would be appreciated!!!! <3 Michele Hi MishMash! I used the salon at AS and was styled by Edgar. He did a WONDERFUL job
  7. I've tried about 30 times to edit this listing but it will not allow me too. :-( Basically, I've reduced my Real Touch Bouquet to $100 in hopes of it finding a good and useful home. :-) Also, as for the rest of the stuff.... we are ready to move on and move this stuff out of our front room sooooo make an offer on any of it and if it's reasonable, it's yours! PM please, as I don't access this site from or during work hours!
  8. So we brought back all of our wedding stuff, which has been sitting in our travel trunk since our return and we have no use for it. We have decided to sell our remaining items, because everything is in great condition and some things weren’t even used. Our main color was burnt orange and we used monochrome shades of orange as our accent colors. Our theme consisted of burnt orange accented by monochrome shades of orange, sugar starfish, and raffia. If you are interested in purchasing any items, please send me a PM with your zip code so that I can provide an estimate of USPS shipping
  9. You are all very welcome, Ladies! As I stated several times, we had a WONDERFUL times and so did our guests..... I just felt an honest and candid review was more helpful than one that glowed yet withheld. My hope was that if any of the above experiences / issues I mentioned were of a particular "deal breaker" for a Bride to Be, she be well aware of actions or preventive measures she can or may chose to take to personalize her AS experience. At the end of the day, regardless of how honest my review was, our day was PHENOMENAL and it was about our union and not AS. If this review helps just
  10. Fishies swimming in the water in front of EDM while standing knee deep in the water. Beach water in front of the Marina Maroma. My Hubby snorkeling in front of EDM. Smaller pool with swim up bar.... Jungle areas on both sides of the resort..... Ask for the Coco Loco at the swim up bar... it was DELICIOUS!!!!
  11. Jessie, I know you asked me about EDM.... here are some photos from our Honeymoon there. We were there for 7 days and the beach there is 10x's better than AS. We had the Infiniti Pool Suite but keep in mind that they also have Swim Up Suites on their first floor if you so desire. The resort only has 72 rooms and it was HEAVEN. We initally had a hard time deciding between Secrets Maroma and EDM and once we walked down to Secrets, we knew we made the right choice. EDM is secluded, romantic, quiet, quaint, and sophisticated. Secrets Maroma was about a mile walk away (took us about 30 - 45 m
  12. You may be able to work this out with them, it really wasn't a big deal for us because although I am "type A-ish" at times, I knew it would all work out. If you aren't able to schedule a rehearsal, just do an informal one with your wedding party when your ceremony location is vacant. I promise you, just as other past brides have, it will all work out just perfectly in the end regardless!!! Beautiful pics, Jaime!!!! Love your Hubby's tux!!!! Try not to stress, as I said above.... it will all work out perfectly!!!! They have two weddings per day at
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