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  1. Makeup was done by hotel staff - Dolores. She was really cute and nice. My friend applied my fake lashes though. Hair - one of my guests is a hair stylist so she did it.
  2. Its called "Hold my hand" by Sean Paul and Keri Hilson. The videographer was a friend so I am not sure of his package rates. If you would like I can pm you his person info
  3. Sorry...my wedding video is not connected to that link. I will try again. Our ceremony and reception were both outside on the beach http://vimeo.com/ajfilms there is the link and then click on the second video "Meghan and Mike 3/26/11"
  4. Hello I haven't posted in a while but figured you upcoming brides ESP those at azul beach would enjoy my video http://vimeo.com/m/#/21646907
  5. That is AWFUL! My 15 year old cousin endured something similar last year but parents weren't involved but there was a good deal of crap being said and threats through facebook. My aunt printed all the pages and went to the school. The 2 ring leaders were punished...maybe suspended. I don't remember I have Kiara, she is good with responses to emails and quotes on things but if you aren't getting a good response call the office.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by bigboponthebeach Gingerlover, aside from that link I PM'ed you, these are for you. I've been scouring inspiration boards for the past week or so just browsing for things I like. Hope these help some...... Quote: Originally Posted by bigboponthebeach Bigbop! you are the sweetest!! thanks soooo much for looking at this up for me! I really appreciate it!!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by MaggieandJay I ordered them from Invitation Consultants. I am not very DYI Come to Mexico - Wedding Invitations by Invitation Consultants. (Item # CC-BBAT688-45-ME ) Thanks! I am going to check this out.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by MaggieandJay I ordered my invitations today!!!! I am so happy with them. I must have worked on them for a total of 3-4 hours playing with font and wording and size but I really like them! Where did you order your invites from? Did you do it online? I am stressing over mine...
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by MaggieandJay I can't do my own make-up to save my life. If I tried to do fancy makeup I would probably come out looking like a $2 hooker ARRG MEN!!! Hahahah Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart Well all I have to say is that for me it was a positive experience since I wanted to learn how to do my make up better and more professionally anyways and buy some good quality makeup. Killed like 3 birds with one stone I'm pretty specific, I knew that if I hired someone to do my makeup (which I hadn't read good reviews for when I made my decision) and they did a crappy job I'd be pissed and have to do it for myself anyways. Do you have girlfriends that are good at makeup? You could ask them or bring pictures of what you want. I did my trial in January and literally every time I put on makeup, which is really only for the weekends, I practiced doing my wedding look and perfecting it and practicing put on eyelashes. Now I'm actually really good at doing my makeup and got a lot of compliments on my wedding makeup from other brides asking me who I used. D just 2 days ago mentioned something about how gorgeous my makeup was and asked who I used! I said, hello I did it myself, you didn't know? He said, "wow! It was really good, you should be a makeup designer!" I don't know what a makeup designer is but I'll take it as a compliment. LOL, omg I would smack him! You should start faking him out and showing him pictures of things you "decide" on that are really ugly, not your actual decisions but just to freak him out... omg I'm mean aren't I? I think I just might to that to him. And there are prob some girls coming i would ask to help but I might take the route you did. Learn myself but book an appt and if i hate it know that i can prob do it better myself Quote: Originally Posted by dstinationdrmr : STILL no word from Fabio and I think FI is getting his hopes up when it comes to his groomsmen. Only 3/5 have booked for the wedding and his bachelor weekend in Miami was cancelled because they couldn't make it all of a sudden. They suck and they're irresponsible (that's a whole other story) and when I mention it I'm the bad guy. I just think he doesn't want to admit they don't have his best interest at heart. So, at least you can say you love all of your groomsmen (showing you the bright side) because I cannot say the same. I tolerate them and that's about it. What are/were your colors? aww sad about his groomsmen!!! I was going to do fuschia and navy blue with accent color of orange/tangerine. He wants blue and green .... Quote: Originally Posted by thefuturemrslutz hahaha you're FI is too cute! Your makeup was beautiful! My future sis in law did this same thing. She practiced for months! Everyday she would practice her wedding makeup (I'm sure they thought she was beautiful at work everyday!) haha. It turned out perfectly! I want to do this but I can see this happening: Me starting to do it...then washing my face and starting over...then getting a little further along, and washing my face and starting over again...then start freaking out...then have one of my friends do it and not be satisfied! I really don't know what to do. Has anyone heard anything about the mac in cancun? I can see this happening to me too ....I would be interested if you find out info!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart A friend of mine attending the wedding happened to be my hairstylist and she did my trial and hair style for free. I did my own makeup, got a lesson and bought stuff from Bobbi Brown and loved it. I cried like a baby and nothing moved, all night long, everything stayed in place. I am tempted to do that but I don't think I can do makeup well enough to pull it off. I am considering getting the LOMAS person to come in but its like $500 on their website. Is that stupid of me to do? thoughts? PS my FI told me today that he hated the color combo I have been doing. Thanks love for this tidbit that would have been helpful when i showed you the color board 2 months ago! I luckily haven't done much but did have everything envisioned a specific way and got samples of invites and stuff like that.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by chong Question... did you guys wear spanx under your wedding dress? My designer is telling me I MUST wear one in order to look flawless under the dress... but I am not sure where to buy one. He knows someone who sells nice spanx and costs around $200. Do you think it's too much? I don't want to buy a cheap kind and end up regretting when I see the pictures. Any recommendations? Is your dress super fitted? If its not i don't think you necessarily HAVE to wear spanx but like someone else mentioned go to a department store or look online. Shouldn't be $200 though Quote: Originally Posted by amandamarieb That brings me to my next point, I have almost 70 guests coming! You think that they would want to take care of me. But no, I have to ask my TA over and over again to call my guests back. charge them in a timely manner, book them over the phone if that's what they prefer and the list goes on and on. Amy is willing to work more for people who are nice. That makes so much sense. But also being in the service industry, I know that I wouldnt be were I am or have the clients I have if I didn't respond in a timely manner and answer the questions asked. I've told my TA that. She doesn't seem to care. Ahhh...can you sense my frustration? I feel you with the TA not calling your guests. I asked mine how my guests should know to set up payment plans and I was told to tell them to call her. i to have 74 people coming...that is crazy to call or email them. she knows who hasn't paid yet so she should contact them. its silly...
  12. Congrats! I am getting married there on March 26, 2011
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart This is the thing with this... it's not even really that true. Their policy is fluff and each WC for Karisma says a different thing. Amy Frommert (Afrommert) was told she couldn't have a DJ from Mexico, I hired DJ Mannia from Mexico and there was no issue and our weddings were months apart. I was nervous when I told the onsite coordinators about him but they accommodated him with no question and even let him onsite for a few hours the day prior to pick out his spot at my reception and he was treated wonderfully. I did pay the $500 outside vendor fee, but I'm POSITIVE after having been there now that you could hire a Mexican photographer, whoever you wanted for that matter. Do you really think that your photographer is going to show up at your resort ON your wedding day and they are going to say, “Oh you’re Mexican, sorry leave.†No way, that’s just not going to happen. Know this AS/AB ladies, when you work with your coordinator whoever they are, never ASK, never! Just tell them, "I'm bringing an outside DJ & Photographer, please make note on my details sheet" they don't need details they don’t need names or the color of your vendor’s skin. Another example, I wanted chiavari chairs, they quoted me and I said, "no, that's too pricey" and Kiara negotiated them down twice for me to an actual reasonable price for the chairs and pads on them. I got my cake negotiated cheaper as well. We negotiated my manzanita branch down 4 times as well. Managed to get my reception area approved regardless of the fact that didn't meet the minimum requirement of guests. Just know that the outside WC's jobs are to control and coerce you into using their vendors since they make more money that way but once you get to the resort, they pretty much won't say no and they truly bend over backwards for you. My whole philosophy while planning my wedding was to not really pay too much attention to the offsite WC, I knew if I was told something couldn't be done, I'd hold my tongue and mention it onsite, I got everything I wanted and more. So chin up girls, if you want it, know that it can be done! Great advice! Question I just checked to see if you did a Review post cut couldn't find it. Can you tell me how DJ Mannia was? I have been emailing them. Also did anyone select any of the bands offered through LOMAS?
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