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Originally Posted by bigpapaq View Post
Hello all, new to the Sensatori board. I was a Azul Fives groom who got bumped 36hrs before my trip. As itâ€s all fresh in my head, I might be able to answer a few questions:

As for a rehearsal, unnecessary; well at least for our setup. The day we arrived (typically the day after you arrive, but we had an excursion) you will meet with the wedding coordinators (Carolina and Gilberto are the main two, essentially the Wedding Planner (Fabio in my case)â€s on-site arm). They will go through a very detailed 2hr run down of every possible detail. Iâ€m pretty dumb and I was able to figure out how the boys and I would line up and how the girls would come down the ramp and down the aisle. Then as you setup the day before, they let you know what you need to know. You won't need a practice walkthrough.

Getting people together for a rehearsal dinner will be tough if you donâ€t do it either very early or late. We got a bunch of people together at the 8p at the Mojito Lounge and then moved onto the patio once everyone (50 guests) arrived. We had drinks and I was able to make announcements and such at that time. It worked out very well. If you wanted to try and get everyone together for a meal, your best bet is Zocalo since they seem to be the most flexible with letting you sit where ever you want. If you want something locked up 100%, you are going to have to pay and set up a private event.

We had our wedding at 5, a 5:30-6:30 cocktail hour on the beach where my best man and the maid of honor did their speeches (just after we finished with pics) and then headed to the Zocalo patio for dinner. It was a little chilly, but the area was nice to keep the group together. We had 2 rectangle tables together for the head table and everyone else was at 8-person round tables. (slip a few bucks to the Mariachi band, itâ€ll be worth it).

As for the prices of the wedding, I can only guess as Karisma took care of a lot of our wedding for pulling the rug from under our feet with only a day and a half notice. 2K for the basic package, we spend about $500 on flowers (she and 2 bridesmaids, me and 2 groomsmen, parents), $100 on an extra sheet (itâ€s worth it looking at our pictures), $300-500 on pictures (donâ€t remember that one), and then some money on extra chairs and meals (since we went way over the 12 chairs provided). Itâ€s really too bad they took out the free wedding package. I canâ€t understand why Karisma (who is at least 50% unoccupied, closer to 75% on Tue, Wed, Th) would not want to incent you for bringing a group of people to their resort.

I have about a trillion details in my head, from honeymoon suites, to spa services (my wife is a massage therapist and was extremely impressed by the spa and therapists), so PM me if anyone has questions.
Thanks for posting your experience. I know it wasn't Azul Fives like you had wanted, but I hope they did a good job accommodating you and your guests. If you think about it come back and post pics. I'd love to see them.
Good idea about meeting at the mojito bar. How many people did you end up having?

Originally Posted by mrs.meyer73109 View Post
Hello everyone,

After much, much deliberation, my fiance and I decide to move our wedding to another resort. I just want to thank everyone for all their support and wish everyone the best of luck planning.
I'm sorry to hear that it wasn't going to work out. I'm sure your wedding will be great wherever it may be. Best wishes and early congratulations!

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Originally Posted by dasarokr View Post
How does the sky web cam work? Tiffany sent me a link but it never stops loading and then eventually ends with an error message. Does anyone have any tips? I would like to send it out before we leave. My wedding is 2/13/09 I never figured out how to put it on the list.

Question - Are we supposed to tip all the vendors? What percentage is normal?
Hi- We sent the link out to all our friends/family and only a small percentage were able to get on. Others ran into loading problems too.
I think that is just the signal cutting in and out. Mostly out. Tell your friends to just keep trying to reload, my one friend said that worked for her. It's definitely hit our miss.
Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding. Have a great time!

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Originally Posted by beachbride2009 View Post
I've been dealing with Tiffany and my last email was Friday afternoon in regards to the free wedding package being pulled and to see if they will still be honouring it...I hope to hear from her Monday, she is usually really good about getting back to me within 24 hours...
beachbride, can you FWD me Tiffany's e-mail address?

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Hey Ladies, I need help/verification. Has anyone who has been married recently actually paid for the wedding the "45" days before they've gone down? Because I just got an email from Tiffany at the end of the day Friday, saying that we have to have everything paid in two weeks. I haven't even gotton a final quote from them yet!!!! They are just so inconsistant and ridiculous, it took more than two weeks for them to get me a freakin' bouquet quote. We still have guests booking late too sad.gif censored.gif


Originally Posted by JHarwood2Be View Post
I just emailed Tiffany for the first time. I haven't heard from Fabio since the end of November. I'm ready to get some planning done!
Have you heard back yet?


Originally Posted by milejilo View Post
Is everyone using regular luggage to pack their wedding stuff? I have some items I fear will get crushed in a suitcase... any ideas?
We are going to try and bubble wrap some things, and carry on some things with our fingers crossed :)

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Hi Erika...yes, I had an email waiting for me this morning. I emailed her Friday at 421pm mountain time (621pm Eastern) and she emailed back at 950am Eastern this morning.


Apparently the weddings aren't free anymore as of last month, so if you booked prior to then you should be okay, but get it in writing!!!

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Shannon...did you get my PM? It took forever to load so not sure...let me know.


Ladies, there are some great new reviews on TA! Also, it sounds like they are working on getting rid of the rocks at the water's edge! There's even a pic on TA of the poor souls who are working on chipping away at it!

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