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The economy is going to ruin my wedding!

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#11 shellb

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    Posted 04 June 2008 - 05:32 AM

    We all face it when we choose a DW. For us, we pushed our date out to give people 2 years to save and choose a resort that we felt would be in everyone's price range. We had about 40 in the beginning, booking time came and we dropped to 12. We almost didn't get our group rate because of it. Had people the week before group booking say oh yes we'll be there, yes we can do the deposit for sure and then final day of group rate offer emailed saying they wouldn't be coming.

    You'll also notice family and friends will avoid giving you any kind of answer. I have sent direct emails asking if certain other family events would impact them coming asking only for a simple yes or no and gotten no response. Our supposed BM still won't give my FH an answer on if he's going to be there (been waiting oh 2 weeks for him to look at group prices and say if he was in, deadline to book has passed by the way). He's part of the reason we choose the resort we did, because of the kids activities and now he and his family probably won't be there.

    You will get frustrated, but remember the end goal is is a beautiful day for you and you FH. The people who want to be there will be there and those who want to but can't afford to will let you know the would love to but can't.

    #12 Copita

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      Posted 04 June 2008 - 08:32 AM

      The economy IS awful right now!

      We knew not everyone was going to be able to come, due to it being a DW in and of itself, and especially with the economy like it is but said as long as those closest to us (our parents and siblings) were there, it was fine. And amazingly, we expect about 60 people at our wedding, of the 100 we invited, give or take a little.

      Just try to stay positive. The day is about you marrying the man that you love. That is what is most important. :)

      #13 hollisandsteph

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        Posted 04 June 2008 - 09:07 AM

        Just like everyone is saying, the economy sucks! I sat less than 2 months before my wedding crying, seriously considering cancelling and it was just us and another couple going. When we planned the trip a year prior, things were good. My husband works for Fleetwood Motor homes. When fuel prices are up people are not buying motor homes and that directly effects how many hours he works. They work a couple of weeks and are off a couple. He gets unemployment and it really is only $70 less than an average check but that adds up when you have a family already. Needless to say we worked it out and the whole time we were there we never gave a thought to who couldn't come, how much money we had at home or the small things we eliminated. Everything was perfect, beauiful and I would do it exactly the same 100 times again! Hang tight and make your decisions based on what you want. If people can come, they will and if not you will still be a bautiful bride that you can share wonderful pictures of!

        #14 ashleycharee

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          Posted 05 June 2008 - 02:02 AM

          This is a big part of why we're eloping. With the way things are, I just didn't feel right asking a lot of people to fork out money to attend my wedding. We always planned to get married on the beach, and I'm so lucky to get my dream wedding, but instead of having all of our family and friends there to watch, it's just going to be us -- and I love that. It's cheaper for everyone involved, less stress, and more romantic. And we're having an AHR when we get back to celebrate with everyone.

          You'll figure out something that you and your guests can handle, and everything will work out. Just try not to get too bummed out if people can't make it, and remember that it's about the marriage more than the wedding!

          #15 mpajkos

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            Posted 05 June 2008 - 11:17 PM

            I know how you feel! Our wedding is a DW but in Key West so the travel isn't so bad for some as some guest already live in FL. There have been a lot of layoffs at my fiance's work and everytime they make the cuts we consider canceling the DW. But we have decided to continue with it since that is what we both want. With the price of our guests considered we found a nice B&B off the beaten path a little that is like $89 a night. The rooms don't have a TV but its own bathroom and the B&B has a really nice pool. I'm not sure if having a DW out of country you have similar options of discounted accomadations but its an idea :)

            Also I think a lot of people are nervous about making commitments in advance right now because of the economy but as your wedding gets closer you may find more guests realizing they can afford it.

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            #16 blkladylaw

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              Posted 06 June 2008 - 05:55 PM

              That is one of the reasons we picked the Vegas area. There are always pretty affordable deals to Vegas under $400. Most of our families are pretty poor and working class even before the economy so we knew we couldn't do anything too expensive to go to. Actually many are pretty excited about it as they've always wanted to go to Vegas or want to use this as their vacation. I've had some problems with friends inviting their friends to join them in Vegas (my wedding included!) or close family telling extended family we barely know who are inviting themselves!!! I've got 10 people already that I did not invite. Cha Ching...$1000 extra reception costs! Actually one reason for going away was that 100s of distant cousins/associates and others not all that close to us who may have attended a local wedding will not be able to go. We invited 60...which could end up being 100+ or so when you include their guests but I am expecting about 50-60 right now. I'm contracting for 50 so I kind of hope it will be closer to that anyway.
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              #17 sarahbrown1979

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                Posted 06 June 2008 - 06:25 PM

                Originally Posted by LC_Rachel
                Lots of brides have gone through this- and it wasn't even the economy's fault. Yes it totally sucks how everything is on the rise and I totally feel for you upcoming brides. But I think it's also giving your guests more of an excuse to play with. If you search this forum, you will find that even in 2006 the brides were struggling with guests not coming for various reasons- number 1 excuse was the cost associated with a DW.

                Granted those that have lost jobs due to the recession can't exactly be blamed for not committing. I think the best attitude to have when planning a DW is being thankful for those that can make it, and not even think about those that can't. If you dwell on the have nots, you will spend most of your time being unhappy.

                As others have said, those that want to go will still make it happen. Even with things getting shitty, we are still planning trips for the next year because we still want to vacation. We will just have to cut a few corners in our budget to make it work.
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                #18 Hartyt509

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                  Posted 07 June 2008 - 05:42 AM

                  Happens with everyone - we asked over 30 and 3 have booked lol It's something you have to unfortunately deal with.

                  I'm working on the basis that i'll pay the deposit for the big package and if we have to change it well then at least a lot of it is paid for and its less to worry about at the time

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