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I leave for Cabo tomorrow!

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here at BDW! I know I am not getting married but you all helped me with a lot of different ideas. I am really excited to renew my vows to my one and only on Monday and just hope that maybe we have inspired others that long marriages really do happen. It takes a lot of work and communication. 25 years seems like a life time but it really isn't. If you still want, I will post pics when I get back of our small ceremony and a review of our vendors. I will also post a pic of my anniversary ring. I havn't seen it yet. It's a surprise. My daughter and dh went together. Oh, by the way, dh still doesn't want to see the dress I will be wearing this time either and it's not even a wedding dress. I keep trying to show it to him and these are his words:" I didn't see your wedding dress until that day and I don't want to see this one either until that day" Got to love him. Sorry this is so long, can you tell I am excited. Talk to you all when I get back next Thursday.

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Aw Denise, so excited for you!!! I hope your vow renewal is as wonderful as you picture it's going to be!! Relax, have fun & don't forget those pics when you get back!!

*raises toast* Congrats on 25 years of marriage! Here's to 25 more!! :)

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