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DIY Jewelry with Swarovski beads/pendants

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Hey ladies,


Just wanted to pass along this great website if you are good with (or want to become good with) working with Swarovski beads and pendants to create jewelry. I am thinking about picking up jewelry making as a hobby post-wedding and an Etsy seller that I've been working with to create my wedding earrings and earrings for my BMs directed me to this site. Hope you like it!


FusionBeads.com - Fusion Beads, bead, beading, sterling, seed beads, charm, swarovski, lampwork, glass, jewelry, pearls


some of my personal faves on this page: the star, the starfish, the briolettes


FusionBeads.com - Swarovski Crystal Pendants

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Fusion Beads is a great site! I have been making bridal jewlery for a few years now and it is definitely the site where I order all my crystals from. Jewelry making is so much fun, you can get so creative and really make some special personal pieces. I would highly reccommend taking up the hobby :).

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