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If You Are Using U2's "Beautiful Day"

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We are using this as a recessional song....BUT, I don't want all the music at the beginning. After we are announced, I want it to automatically say "It's a Beautiful Day." Does anyone already have this cut this way?


I don't know how to do it myself...although I could probably figure it out by Googling. But, if someone already has it, it would helo me out! :)

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I'm doing just that. I'll give you my cut version. I can probably just upload it to the forum.


unless someone else has already done in. in which case, can i have it too :)


Anyway, its not hard & I already have the software so you can check that off your list.

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Originally Posted by KellyandMatt08 View Post
I was going to use that too! But had no idea how to cut out the beginning. We are using Wouldn't it be Nice now, by the beach boys
I'm doing it right now if you still want to use it. I should have it done today.
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