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Hello Everyone!!!


I am hoping I can get some insight from everyone. My wedding is May 21st! It's approaching very quickly- there's still so much to do!!


Seating: My wedding reception is indoors due to so many guests and not wanting to upgrade the package. I would LOVE a sweetheart table, the guests will be at round tables- however I was told they do not have this and I would have to contact their "in-house" decorator who also charges an arm and a leg- and $250 in set up fees. The tables are $70 and I do not want anything else, I can't see spending $250 on one or two small tables for decor. Any suggestions? I also don't know if they have something that isn't extremely large or long for only two people! Everyone will be sitting together at other tables. I want ours to be in the front... Help!!


Guest Book: What are you all planning to do? I was thinking of Etsy. It's hard because I have to transport a lot, so I don't want to over-pack and transport too much!


Trial Run for Hair/Makeup: Does anyone know if we have to pay the vendor fee twice for the trial AND the wedding day? This would be silly but I can't assume the resort wouldn't try to charge for it.


Wedding Program: Is anyone making a wedding program? What extras did you have and/or are you planning to do?


**** Rose Petals: Did anyone order rose petals for their wedding? If so where? I am thinking Amazon


Thanks guys!


You can P.M me too if you want!

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@@AprilRosemary2016 - I got my guestbook off of etsy as well as printable itineraries for my guests. You don't get charged the vendor fee a second time for the trial run (at least I wasn't charged twice) but I would confirm with you WC just so you have it in writing.

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@AprilRosemary2016- they have sweetheart tables and u should have to pay extra- i am not!!! its 3 ft by 6 ft i believe. we are having a sweetheart table and we are using the same tables for our guests. 


I ordered my guestbook off shutterfly, its was 50% off!! with all their promotions. I created it with our pictures from over the years including baby and engagement pics.


I think its pointless to print the programs and other printed items other than name cards. Waste of money! save your cash for other fun things to do there! no one will even probably look or care about them. 


Im going to joannes fabric and grabbing two bags of fake roses. cheap and easy! 

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hello everyone!


I'm so happy I found this site!I will be getting married in Oct at the barcelo and I'm starting to get very excited as it quickly approaches!I have been able through work to visit the resort twice in the past 6 months so I'm confident in the locations I have chosen(captain Morgan for reception,and captain Morgan beach area-I'm not sure if that's the proper name for the ceremony) My wedding coordinator is Itzel,previously changed formed Estrella,I was lucky to have met her when I was there and again she reassured me that while she knows they are bad at answering emails I don't need to worry about anything. I completely understand that, but just wanted at least to see colours of any decor choices I might have to at least decided on a theme/colours for bridesmaid dresses. I was sent choices of chair covers and bouquets which I suppose helped a little. She also explained that nothing is included In my strawberry package(not even a tea candle, really?) that's a little dissapointing but luckily I bought a bunch of stuff for my engagement party so I will be bringing that down. I have a few questions if any one could help I would be so grateful!


I was told the outside vendor fee is 800u.s now has it gone up?


If I am bringing 2 photographers and 2 videographers would I have to pay for 2 room /2nights?


Also if you pay for the D.J(I wasn't going to but from reading the forums it seems like a must)it says 3 hrs but I'm guessing that's only the 3 hrs that you already have?if we want to extend the party but not have the open bar can we get away from paying the 12$/a person for the extra hr?


I hope that's clear!


Thanks so much!

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We got married on Monday, Apr 25th. Ceremony was at 5pm and Reception at 7:30pm both at Playa Azul beach.

We chose the strawberry package and had 58 guests.


A summary of our wedding :


Yasmin our WC scheduled a meeting with us 2 days after we arrived and we just went through the spreadsheet one last time to make sure we didn't want to change anything. We dropped off our decorations - we brought candles, lanterns with lights (it would have been 900 usd to rent them from the resort!!!), seating chart, table numbers, and some stuff for our welcome table. I told Yamin what my vision was and she executed it perfectly. We asked how much staff would be working on the set up, etc and we just made sure to tip them.


Hair and make-up - I hired styling trio. Best choice I could have made! Claudia was so great to communicate with, and she matched me up with Bianca for make-up and Alex for hair. On the day of the trail run I couldn't even decide between the styles he tried on me (and I'm extremely fussy with my hair), and Bianca was incredible with my make-up. The air brushing stayed on all night and had a nice dewy finish. I paid 500 USD for the vendor fee. It was a one time payment even though they came to the resort twice.


Shuttle : picked up guests, groom and groomsmen at 4:15pm in the colonial lobby. Yasmin came to my room at 4:45pm with our bouquets. She drove me, the bridesmaids and dad on a golf cart to the site. She showed me a pic of the set up on the way - breathtaking!!


Officiant : didn't get to meet her before the wedding. It was fine. Jared just told her a few things before I arrived so she knew we wrote our own vows and she let guests know that the ceremony was unplugged so only our photographer took pictures. She did a great job!


Ceremony : 20 minutes long. It was lovely. They had champagne ready for everyone right after. We loved the huppa we picked out and the flowers matched my bouquet. We hooked our phone up to a speaker and we played 4 songs of our choosing. Audio sounded great. 5pm was a great time to get married - wasn't too hot, there was a nice breeze and sun wasn't too bright.


Cocktail hour : we opted out of this and decided to pay for an extra hour of reception time. Do this! It goes by way too fast otherwise. We sent our guests to rancho grille which was a rocks throw away while we took pictures.


DJ : We hired discomovil. He was amazing. He played all the songs we wanted and the songs he chose on his own were great! We used his light up dance floor and even with the vendor fee of 100 usd / hour it was cheaper than using what the resort offers.


Centerpieces - we went with a pretty cheap option. The setting was pretty enough on its own plus we had some nice table numbers and candles of our own that they set up for us. Looked great.


Pictures : lighting was great between the ceremony and reception. I brought my own photographer and didn't pay a vendor fee because he was a guest.


Supper : was delicious! We got the beef wellington and the dessert was a huge hit!! we went with the luke warm half baked choc fondant.


Cake : we went with the basic option - to be honest no one ate any cause we were stuffed. it was really beautiful though. Don't pay more to upgrade it to a bigger size. It was quite big.


Lighting : I worry that without the light up dance floor and lanterns the lighting would have been pretty dull.


After the reception we went to the sports bar and one of our guests brought his guitar. We had a big sing along with everyone in the bar and it was so much fun! Then Jared and I went for a little walk and ended up falling asleep on one of the hammocks :)


It was the perfect night. If you have any questions let me know! Happy to help.

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I have so many questions! So any help or advice someone can give would be much appreciated! My WC is Yasmin and communication has been sparse to put it lightly. But from what I have read this is normal. We chose the strawberry package. We are staying at the palace and so are all of our guests. It will be a very small intimate wedding - only 16 people.



-How much decor does the resort provide for the reception table tops?

-Do I need to bring everything besides the flower center pieces? Candles, vases, etc? 


We plan on just bringing an iPod pre-loaded with a playlist. Is the sound system provided in the package very good?


I am not even sure where our wedding will be yet. She has not given us any choices. 

-Can anyone give advice on the best location for our ceremony and reception on the beach?  


Again, any advice would be so very appreciated!

Thank you!

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@kbehara2016 bride - I think the resort is pretty good at providing whatever you need for decor, but it comes at a price. You have to pay for your centerpieces for each table (which include the vase), and you have to pay for candles as well. From what I've heard just the basic sound system is fine, but we hired a DJ so I can't say from personal experience. It looked like there were lots of locations to choose from. I opted for the playa azul area because that part of the beach is fairly secluded and was a gorgeous location for both the ceremony and reception. I saw other weddings take place on the beach in different locations and they were just kind of in the midst of all the other activity going on. If you send me your email address I can send you some pictures of how it looked. I've heard the gazebo is really pretty for the ceremony or the coral area as well. Happy planning ! :)

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@@SammyMac Thank you so much! I guess I'll be bringing most of my table decorations then. No point in paying an arm and a leg for candles and various decor when I can purchase and DIY everything myself.  I can't wait to see pictures of the playa azul area! It sounds gorgeous. Also, I was curious what kinds of lanterns you used? I saw you said you brought them with you. Were they the round paper lanterns or like actual lanterns?

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