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  1. Hello Everyone!!! I am hoping I can get some insight from everyone. My wedding is May 21st! It's approaching very quickly- there's still so much to do!! Seating: My wedding reception is indoors due to so many guests and not wanting to upgrade the package. I would LOVE a sweetheart table, the guests will be at round tables- however I was told they do not have this and I would have to contact their "in-house" decorator who also charges an arm and a leg- and $250 in set up fees. The tables are $70 and I do not want anything else, I can't see spending $250 on one or two small tables for decor. Any suggestions? I also don't know if they have something that isn't extremely large or long for only two people! Everyone will be sitting together at other tables. I want ours to be in the front... Help!! Guest Book: What are you all planning to do? I was thinking of Etsy. It's hard because I have to transport a lot, so I don't want to over-pack and transport too much! Trial Run for Hair/Makeup: Does anyone know if we have to pay the vendor fee twice for the trial AND the wedding day? This would be silly but I can't assume the resort wouldn't try to charge for it. Wedding Program: Is anyone making a wedding program? What extras did you have and/or are you planning to do? **** Rose Petals: Did anyone order rose petals for their wedding? If so where? I am thinking Amazon Thanks guys! You can P.M me too if you want!
  2. Hello everyone!!! I wish I found this forum a long time ago. I saw other various ones from previous brides but not of those anticipating 2016! I saw someone's comment saying everyone in this chat is so helpful and will reply quicker than the resort WC. I sure hope so!!! Here is my situation, I am planning to marry May 21st, 2016. Of all resorts, I like Barcelo Palace (my fiancé and his family has been there and they all loved it), and Azul Fives by Karisma (I stayed at their adult only hotel and it was very nice, the food was great too). Anyways, I have my date "on hold" however I need to confirm with them by making my reservation at the hotel. This needs to be done by early next week or the date is gone! I have been working with Christian regarding questions I have to gauge approx how close to my budget I'll be, how many guests ideally we would want, and what to expect from the packages and the resort. Currently I am planning to have the Mint Breeze package. Ideally I would love to have the reception on the beach but right now we have 70 ppl (we are waiting for everyone to rsvp), and I'm trying to find stay within a budget just as everyone else. If there are much less guests (in the end I am hoping about 30) then I will change to the Strawberry Breeze package. I'm undecided at this point... It depends on guest count. ???? I was wondering if anyone went to the resort, has any information as far as where the reception could be (photos of the beach areas and/or the banquet hall options). I noticed a lot of posts saying Azul Beach, or some other restaurant options. The resort wedding coordinator has been very helpful so far, however I was hoping to have a lot more information by now. I'm indecisive because I don't want to make a meh decision for the resort, something overly expensive after putting the down payment, plus I need a photographer (the resort photographer is too pricey and the reviews aren't that great), etc. I am going for something simple, nothing too over the top... I never thought it would be this difficult and I would be so indecisive (this is really unlike me!). Please give me any input you may have! I would love to hear suggestions, comments and any information you may have. So far I have the package lists, the menu options, I'm not sure how the extras cost as for decorations and such. I'm hoping it's not an arm or a leg. Also please tell me why you chose Barcelo! I know a lot of you have done much research on this ???????? Thank you everyone, I'm excited to make new friends on this forum! -- April