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  1. Another option is to find an app that allows for group talk. This Wedding Party App looks pretty neat. https://apracticalwedding.com/wedding-party-app/
  2. Hi ladies! Do any of you have a file with the bouquet options from the resort? I am trying to decide if I want to spend the extra for bridesmaid bouquets or make them myself. I will be near a Hobby Lobby this weekend and they currently have 50% off all of their floral so I was hoping to pick some up if I am not liking the bridesmaid bouquet options.Thanks!
  3. I think that this site is linked many many pages back in the thread, but it is very helpful for a lot of tips and tricks about the resort. Some of the information is very old, but still good. http://www.unofficial-barcelo-maya.com/forum/index.php
  4. Congratulations Kristin! Here are a few items that have been included in the OOT (Out of Town) forums. For more great ideas open the Wedding Registries, Wedding gifts, and OOT Forum. Or just search for OOT Bags in the search bar. Welcome Letter There are some great examples of these and wording that you could use throughout the site Resort Map/Brochure Mark all of the important areas around the resort (i.e. ceremony location, reception location etc.) Bubba Keg Mugs or Other Cups The resort is huge and the cups from the bars are not... so these help you enjoy the beach or pool longer without having to run back to the bar for a refill. Not to mention they keep your drink cold in the hot Mexico sun! shopbubba.com discountmugs.com Sunglasses Most people bring their own, but this is a fun photo opportunity and you could get them customized so it can also be a souvenir Can koozie Although this probably won't be used at the resort, you can get these for a pretty decent price Pashminas (women) After a day in the sun, these come in handy once the evening breeze sets in Cigars (men) There are some great cigar options in Mexico Playing Cards/ Puzzle books Great option for pool or beach entertainment. These are also great if you end up with a rain day. dollar store oriental trading co Emergency Kit (too much fun, too much sun) Aloe Vera for sunburn Sunscreen chapstick Immodium for stomach issues Ibuprofen electrolyte powder - to help with dehydration and/or hangovers biodegradable sunscreen/bug repellent. The parks and cenotes require biodegradable products. Mexican is the most recommended brand http://www.mexitan.com bandaids disinfectant cream key card holder you can use a key ring wrist band with a badge holder for people to carry their room keys in. Great tutorials on cute ways to put these together if you search for "Key Card Holder" Hope this helps!
  5. efavormart.com has favor bags and boxes. I have ordered tulle and organza from them and it was very high quality at a great prices. I have not ordered favor packaging from them, but I have heard good things. papermart.com has a ton of cello bag options for great prices. Not sure if you can personalize the packaging on either of these sites. You could get personalized ribbon to tie off bags or boxes, or you could add a personalized sticker or tag.
  6. I love Afloral, I have had such good luck with them for other orders (my mom makes these awesome hanging baskets for my Dad's grave for the different seasons/holidays). Glad to hear you had great experience with them
  7. @@CellineSouza your dress is amazing!!!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Here are a few additional ideas: Shaving/toiletries bag hot sauce "thank you for spicing up our wedding" Beef Jerky Grill set/ meat rubs/ marinades A couple months paid for "dollar shave club" membership Cigars / cigar cutter Sunglasses beer coasters 1-2 Craft beers money clip
  9. If anyone has an updated link for this, it would be greatly appreciated ~ Thank you ladies!
  10. @@tracyannhoward here are a couple links to some. If you look up "biodegradable insect repellent" you get a lot more results for DEET free products. http://www.mexitanproducts.com/SkedWipes.html http://lafreshgroup.com/travel-lite-amenities/travel-lite-natural-mosquito-repellent-wipes
  11. @@shadow26 - thank you, it was the new restaurants that were added with the renovation that I really needed. @@cometgirl - thank you, I had a property map, but I couldn't find an updated map that reflected the new restaurants near Beach/Caribe.
  12. Does anyone have a list of the restaurants and bars at each hotel? Searching the website, they just provide the # of bars and the type of cuisine for each restaurant, not the name- from what I am seeing. If anyone could provide me a list, or a link to the information, that would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance
  13. For any of you looking for videos/photos of the resort, I found this great YouTube channel that shows you the ceremony and reception areas. It is 3 years old and there have been some remodels at the resort since these were filmed, but they at least give you an idea of the locations. https://www.youtube.com/user/RobackTravel/videos This is a video of a wedding- I believe at the Captain Morgan beach location This is a video from Barcelo regarding the wedding- although it does not show all of the locations the greatest
  14. Hi ladies, Just wanted to make sure you were all aware that the state of Quintana Roo has officially switched from Central Standard Time to Eastern Time in order to enjoy an extra hour of sunshine! If you are wanting your ceremony at a specific time in relation to sunset, make sure to check-in with your wedding coordinator!! Here is the article I found on this site regarding the change: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/wedding-tips/c/locations/a-part-of-mexico-just-got-a-little-brighter-r2237 Happy planning ladies!
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