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  1. Not sure where you're located but in the US we pieced together a tan Linen Ralph Lauren suit between Lord & Taylor, and Macy's. Got the pants from Lord & Taylor and then a matching vest from Macy's but they're a perfect match - they also have linen jackets available. Just from a quick google search it looks like Men's warehouse may have some options too. Good Luck!
  2. Hey everyone, I have a beautiful Donna Morgan "Donna" strapless belted chiffon dress size 14 in "Candlelight" color available. The gold belt is removable as well! I originally bought it for my AHR, and possibly for the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid dress or even a short wedding dress! I love this dress but found another dress that suited me more! This dress is brand new with the tags still on. I have seen it online for $60-$189 depending on the store. Willing to sell it for $45 plus shipping - hoping to find someone to appreciate it! Let me know if you have any ques
  3. @@racht33 - and these were on closeout $9.99 for a dozen! I couldn't be happier. They feel real - especially the inside of the flowers, the stems not so much but that's what wrap and floral tape is for! The flowers are a little bit thicker than a real one, but even looking at them now, if I didn't know any better I would assume they were real. Using promo code FB I also got an extra 10% off. I choose their slowest shipping (cheapest) ordered late in the evening on Monday and it was at my door Thursday at noon (I'm in CT.) I'm sitting here wondering what else to order from them!
  4. HI ladies, I hope this works - I just took them with my phone (and the light made the flower look very white, but its more pink than white.) @@racht33
  5. Mrsntobe

    Afloral (before)

    A couple Photos of the flowers I got from afloral. Real touch Calla Lilies.
  6. Hey all, Just wanted to share with everyone - I order some real-touch flowers on Afloral for a closeout price. The flowers are AMAZING! They look fantastic and truly are real-touch. I unfortunately received a few that were ripped (it happens with shipping) and the team at Afloral were great. I sent them a photo of the 4 ripped flowers, and unfortunately they are out of the closeout flowers. They offered to send me a dozen other flowers that will match soon-to-be bouquets to make up for it! We always spend time complaining about service, but I wanted to make sure we also talk about
  7. Hi there, Love the look of them! What price are you looking for? Thanks!
  8. @@SungNi we bought online in Canada! It was the same price in Canada and the U.S. The dress you just posted also looks great! The website seems to be partnered with the knot (if you scroll down) so you should be ok! Fingers crossed.
  9. How old are they? I found a dress at Zara for $30 (flower girl is 3 years old) and then the ring bearer (who is 6 years old) is going to wear old navy - about $25 with their sales and discounts! The shorts are linen blend and look great in-person. Dress is called sea creatures dress from Zara and the boys shorts are "Boys Linen-Blend Pull-On Shorts" and the shirt is Boys Linen-Blend Shirts both from old navy. We also have a junior groomsman (12 years old) who we found a pair of ralph lauren pants that we are going to turn to shorts - they are linen pants, however they're abou
  10. Super cute! Where did you get the bag from? I've been looking for the "Hola Amigos" bags. Thanks!
  11. Christina - we're getting married at Blue Venado this August as well!!! Planning has been great so far and I can't say enough great things about Sofia! Have you been to visit? I'm happy to help if you have questions!
  12. This is a review of:

    Moments That Matter Photography

    They should be the ONLY ones you consider using!

    Pros: Friendly, reliable, see the details, quick communication & response times
    Cons: Couldn't even imagine a negative!
    I can't say enough wonderful things about the MTM team!  Both my (now) husband and I have worked in the wedding and events business in the Caribbean & Mexico, and MTM are the best photographers we have encountered!   1) They truly care about their clients.  They don't just show up to take photos like some photographers...they are TRUE partners in your day- ensuring the bride and groom are happy and we got everything we wanted.  They went above and beyond anything I would imagine a photogra
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