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  1. Even though I don't need the mugs, you are awesome! You have made some bride very happy!
  2. Hi, I'm looking for about 20 lavender and 20 light blue/turquoise chair sashes for my November 7th wedding. Does anyone have anything they are looking to give a new home? Thanks!
  3. MissFifi

    Post Wedding Sale - Fabric!

    Hi, Do you still have the light blue chair cover available? Thanks!
  4. I'm a size 12 too. I just put in my order and I tihnk I have to do a special order. It would kinda suck if the bride couldn't get a pair of flip flops, lol.
  5. Does this company give free shipping after 40 flip flops? I feel as if I read that somewhere.
  6. MissFifi

    Wedding Leftovers

    Hi, I just sent you a pm about the fans. Thanks
  7. Can you let me know what is available from your lis. Are the fans still available?
  8. Wow!! They must have loved your bags!!! I don't have the budget to do everything but I really like the key chain idea. Off to Vistaprint!!!
  9. Thanks, I like the bottle openers and playing cards idea.
  10. MissFifi

    Wedding Jewelry

    I am loving all of the sets I've seen here. It's definitely given me a lot to think about. My dress is a fit and flare lace gown and I will be wearing a blinged out belt with it. I really like big flashy jewellery, but reading some of the comments is making me be mindful of the one I pick because I don't want it to be too much.
  11. We are doing the wedding at the Riu Ocho Rios. I will look into the golf balls. Thanks so much!!
  12. Hi blushing brides!!! I'm in the process of making my OOT bags and I don't have any items geared for men. Can anyone give me ideas of items used for men? Presently, the thing that comes to mind are hats. Thanks!
  13. I have four bms. I originally had five, but one of them is unabe to come. Most of the people on my side are coming and only a few of my hubby's people are coming. He will have 3 groomsmen and I'm happy that two of them are his close friends and another is a new friend, the husband of my good friend. I thought about convincing him to add one more person (soeone from my family) to even it out, but I soon realized that I wouldn't wat someone to force me to get a bm. Like everyone has mentioned, it's best to have people who you'd like to stand up for you because it's a special moment. I'm glad you were able to compromise with your hubby on the numbers, while still having your mother standing up for you.
  14. We have 4 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen. I agree with everyone else, do you! If your hubby has one number and you have another, it's okay. The photographer will have un on that day.