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  1. I have this stunning Maggie Sottero Marie Capri wedding gown for sale. I got it brand new and wore only one time for the wedding, it was thoroughly cleaned (I hand washed it, it is actually better than dry cleaning for taffeta). I checked for any spots and couldn't find any. It's as good as new. It can fit a range of sizes due to the corset design. It has a beautiful cream color, with lots of embellishments. It also has a train that can be tied up. I received so many compliments on this dress. The original price of this dress was $1500! Asking only $200 I'll ship with a garment bag, the tot
  2. Hi Emme, Alan gave me all shots he did. I don't remember how many but its a lot. We didn't even use them all for our album. He uploads all his photos to password protected page on his website and sends beautifully decorated box with CD. No album which was fine with me because I like to make my own albums. And no, I didn't have to pay anything extra, Alan gave me all shots at no additional cost. I also didn't want them to be edited since I am graphic designer and can do my own edits. Sorry you are having problems. Sandals photographers stroke me as highly unprofessional. Pictures we took with
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by emme121 Hi just read your review, I'm getting married in April 2014, and it was very helpful. I feel like my WC is not so helpful. I was told I couldn't do the Buffett if we had less than 30 (or 45 I forget) people, how many did you have? Also would you be able to send me some pictures, I'm trying to decided on photographers. I'm also really glad I was reading on this website, b/c I was under the impression the partner photographers were their photographers. Thanks so much Hello there, congratulation and good luck with Sandals I had hard time with my WC
  4. Thank you ladies for your interest, the bag was sold. There are similar bags on amazon and ebay and they are very helpful
  5. Once it's folded it's 22" wide and 21" long. I measured it empty so thickness will depend on your clothes
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by RaynDrop Hello to all !! I am hoping any of the girls that have already gotten married are still around?!?!?! I am getting marred next year at Sandals Halcyon in St. Lucia. I have been planning for a long time and still have a while to go but keep going back and forth of what I want to do. I just had my first phone call with my WC yesterday. It was helpful - I am just being indecisive with everything about my wedding!!! Hope to hear from you I had wedding in Negril, I posted detailed review here http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/86852/back-f
  7. For those who interested, here is the cost break down for Sandals Negril, prices for the July, 2013 Wedding set up Quantity Price SubTotal Beautiful Beginnings Bouquet (Floral Brochure #M56 Red Rose) 1 275 275 Red Rose Boutionniere (Floral Brochure M523) 1 25 25 Sea Foam Napkins 10 0 0 Vision in White Menu and Place Cards (Set of 8) 10 0 0 Round Table w VIW Stationary & Seafoam Overlay & Napkins 2 100 200 Beautiful Beginnings Cake ( no flower on the top, we bring our own cake topper) 1 275 275 Tropical Splendor Centerpiece 2
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by meganwitt I'm not sure how I'm getting my tulle dress down to Mexico. Did you check it or bring it on? I have a regular garment bag how long is this one? How big and what is the length of this one? I"m only 5'2 so dress won't be long, but would be wonderful to not have to steam. Thanks, Megan Hi Megan, my DH carried it on his shoulder and we stuffed it on the plane in carry on, I did not trust anyone with my wedding attire, I also packed my jewelry and shoes in there. This one is 66" my dress was huge, here is exactly the same model as mine http:/
  9. Ebay listing http://www.ebay.com/itm/121194018171?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Used only once for destination wedding. Looks like new and I have all the tags. This bag fitted: Huge wedding dress Reception dress 3 Bridesmaids dresses Groom's suit 3 Groomsmen suits 4 pairs of shoes Accessories Still had room left for more. I did not need to steam anything because there was no single wrinkle anywhere. This bag was a saviour and it fits in airplane bag carry on compartment just fine. Paid originally $160 Official description WallyBags 66-inch Tri-fold Des
  10. We had to get $150 p/p. Our wedding was at 4pm so we had to get all day pass and it included 3 hr reception and cocktail. Regular day pass is $75 pp. And as I said reception followed right after the ceremony which made us rush through the photos and reception and both children had to leave immediately after reception ended with both adults supervising them even though we paid full day passes. To me having a reception at Sandals wasn't worth the money. The total price of reception for 8 people was around 3000, I feel like we could get a much better deal if we went off property.
  11. Honestly, now that I had wedding there, I wouldn't do wedding at Sandals, I would choose smaller and more flexible resort for just the wedding and Sandals for honeymoon. BB wedding is free, but you'll end up paying for addons and if your guests are off property, it's very costly, you wouldn't ask guests pay for their own guest pass.
  12. They partnered with several photgraphers, you have to click on photography partners http://www.sandals.com/weddingmoons/weddings/wedding-photographers.cfm You can call Sandals directly and ask for prices for each, they won't allow anyone else on the property though. The best way to do it if you still want to get married at Sandals to get one of the partner photogs, have them take pics of the ceremony and then go off property to shoot and have reception later after all pics are taken. We had to rush our reception because of the pictures and we didn't have time to leave the property, so all ou
  13. I booked Alan Smith and just received my pictures, they are beautiful. However we had photosession with on site photogs and didn't like it. We picked only 2 pictures after 30 mins photosession. If you'd like samples of mine I can email privately. AS was $3100, 4hrs and we received around 700 shots.
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