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  1. Hey! No worries! I loved every minute of our planning and wedding, I love sharing the details to help others! I just called the concierge and said I had my dress to be cleaned, you fill in the regular dry cleaning card and they send it away to be cleaned and then deliver it to your room about a day later. I even took more pics in my dress recently at home for a friends portfolio and because we were back in Mexico for our anniversary So i even took my dress back down and had it cleaned again!! Lol! This time it was 313 pesos or $24 us! Such a great deal! If I could get my junk together I'd cons
  2. Hey ladies! Glad to see some people on here actively planning! I miss my planning time! I was married almost exactly a year ago at the Barcelo! If you have any questions feel free to ask! We stayed at the palace and with the exception of about 2 other rooms everyone else in our party stayed at the Tripical/colonial. We spent a ton of time away from the Palace for our first week with our friends and the entire complex is actually really all amazing! Our date as Nov 28, Victoria was our planner. We had 22 people and went with the strawberry package because having a reception in the beach was a M
  3. A What do you mean by sister resort, like Tropical/Colonial or Beach/Caribe? We were at the palace and our wedding stuff was all at the palace but our photographers were all booked on to stay at the Beach/Caribe because its the cheapest, they are allowed to be at the palace for the wedding events without a charge.
  4. Hey! I had my hair and makeup done at the spa there, my girls also had their hair done, all of our hair was done very well, we were all happy with it and it help up well. My makeup was great too, I showed them some pics on my iPad and they did a fantastic job. They use am makeup, I brought my own eye lashes and mascara though and they put it all on perfectly! It lasted very well even through the heat! Here's a shot where you can sort of see my makeup close up.
  5. We didn't do apps or cocktail hour, there was 2 hours between the ceremony and reception and we told the guests they could freshen up or just hang out and wait, apparently everyone just stood at the pool area bar (Coco bar I think it's called) and just socialized and drank. I chose the guitar and keyboard and ended up getting the violinist and keyboard on the day of the wedding. I can't remember when it was but I did choose the song cannon in D to be played and told the coordinator. If you are choosing something you think they might now know let your coordinator know sooner than later is my
  6. We had the strawberry package and had ceviche to start, lobster bisque soup next, surf and turf for the main and the dessert was white chocolate raspberry something I think! I didn't eat any of the food choices as I had the vegetarian options instead but I heard nothing but amazing reviews of all parts of the dinner, even desert! The food was apparently absolutely incredible! For our cake we had the coconut flavour, we went with just the one that came in the package and it was more than enough (no one ate it), enough that we ate it for a week while keeping it in our room fridge! Haha!
  7. We paid for our photographer to stay two nights so we did it the day after the wedding. Yup, we stayed up real late and then did a half a day TTD the next day and the pics turned out amazing! He picked us up at the entrance to the Palace and we went to a cenote across the hiway. If you are doing it off site it wouldn't really matter what day you did it because there would be no resort fees involved.
  8. When I was married there they didn't care where the vendor was from, if they are on the property doing some type of business they either have to be guests for 2 or 3 nights minimum (depending on the time of year) OR you pay the fee. We had a photographer and a videographer and so we had to either pay two fees or get two rooms for two nights each, the two rooms for 2 nights each was just over $600 total so this was much more worth it!
  9. We chose the keyboard and bass I think it was, there was an issue the day of so we had the keyboard and violinist and as much as I didn't notice much on the day of the wedding when I watched our video it sounded beautiful! I told them I didn't have one but that I wanted round tables with approximately 4-6 at each table. They were ok with me having no plan, I think they ask in case people have one.
  10. Someone commented on my pic but I am not sure how to reply to their question on it on the mobile site so here I am posting it here and hopefully she sees it. These are my shoes...they were a really soft leather and the bottom is actually cork, and they were amazingly comfortable, so much so I wore them all day and night!! The brand is Flurries
  11. We also did this and our people were split between the Colonial and Palace. We had welcome booklets for everyone with pictures of the people and who they were and a place for people to write in room #s. It seemed we often sat in the same area on the beach early in the day so people always knew where to find one another. The communicating with each other was a big concern for me before getting there but once we were there there were no issues. It seems like you are always telling people where you are going and what's happening but it works itself out
  12. There's also a little market type thing on the Barcelo property, I know when I was planning about a year ago lots of brides were talking About buying their stuff there. I'm not sure what the price difference is between there to Playa Del Carmen's 5th Ave but my guess is stuff will be cheaper and you can haggle more in town. The Town is great to go to for an afternoon of walking around too!
  13. I can't say that I know the name of it but I do know its not Coral beach (its down in front of the restaurants at the Palace) or Coco Beach (its in front of the pool area and two buildings of the Palace) or Playa Azul (it's the complete opposite of Coral and is located way down by the Beach/Caribe)...if you have a list of beaches you may be able to knock 3 off and figure it out by process of elimination.
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