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  1. @@SammyMac We get married at Playa Azul on June 2nd...I would love to see pictures of a real wedding environment. Would you mind sending to me as well? =) chriskirsten2016@yahoo.com
  2. @@SammyMac Yes I know it will be great, I am just frustrated with the level of service but oh well! As for the time of day, our wedding is at 6:00pm, which we were told was the latest that they do ceremonies. Can anyone else confirm? I agree that later is best and it would be beautiful with the tiki's and such =) @@TaraW that is great, thanks so much! It will give me a little something to go on. Also, I looked into Playa Weddings and they look GREAT...thanks for the info! I have reached out to them and are just waiting for a price list.
  3. @@TaraW Thanks for the info, I will look into that photographer. Any way you'd be willing to let us see what you have written about unplugging, etc.? I would like to get an idea of what to add to ours and think that sounds like a great plan, especially the social media stuff =) @@SammyMac We are only up to the picking our wedding cake. I just feel like it is not what we are paying for, with no communication at all. I know that it will be perfect when we get there but we have a ton going on and I don't want to neglect the most important part...the ACTUAL wedding!
  4. Hi Ladies, I have a few different questions. I know this has been brought up many times but if someone can direct me to the thread, it would be great. I need suggestions on photographers and are any of you using the photographer from the resort? I tried to go to their website and cannot and I emailed them over a week ago and no response. That leads me to other brides that have Abraham as their WC! He seems great BUT it has been almost a month since I last heard from him, my wedding is in 3 months and not even 1/4 of the way through the planning. IS anyone else having issues with h
  5. @@TaraW - would you mind sending me the linkt o where you purchased your tags and bands please? Thanks
  6. @@Barcelo2016 @@TaraW Wowzers...I did not even know that was an option What phase of planning does that come in? Our ceremony is at 6:00pm, so having the trees lit would be amazing! On a side note, my WC is Abraham and he seems great, except for his response time. The last emailed or communication I received from him was January 16th. What have you all found to be the "normal" turnaround time for responses? I have been around this forum enough to know that they do take some time but I feel that 3 weeks is a bit extreme!! Also, how have you all kept your ideas, visions, etc., org
  7. Hey All, Quick question, has anyone created a destination wedding facebook page to keep guests informed and to stir excitement? If so, what did you post and how often? I feel like my guests are not involved at all and would like them to get a little more excited but maybe it's too much to ask since it is my wedding and not theirs=)
  8. Yes I apologize...the ceremony package. Since we are having a reception back in the States, I would like to customize it to where the package is more ceremony focused and not so reception heavy. What types of options do they offer? I am not sure what my agent asked specifically but her email back to me was "Barcelo Maya said that there is no ala carte option. And you can't customize packages." I am completely happy with that, not sure if she is just saying that or if she misunderstood. Thoughts? @@TaraW
  9. I need help please. I am using a travel agent and she reached out to barcelo. Theh told her that we cannot customize anytgj g and there are no "add on" options. Is this correct? I thought i have read where a lot kf you have done this. This was my first choice resort and now im not sure what i will do. Please help=(
  10. I need help please! I am working with a travel agent and she reached out to Barcelo. She was told thag there are no add on options and i cannot customize anything. Is this correct? I thought i had read where a lot of you had added on or customized your package. Please help=(
  11. HI, we are planning on getting married at the Barceló in May 2016. It was the first vacation we took together years ago and loved it. But we do not know where to start with the destination wedding planning, to be honest. I have read through the forum so I apologize if these questions have already been asked but I would appreciate ANY help at all that is given. - How do we go about securing a date without paying for our whole trip upfront? Do we pay a deposit, etc? - We are interested in more off the wedding aspects, not the reception, as we are having a reception back in the states
  12. Hi, we are planning to get married at Barcelo Maya in June 2016. We don't know where to start to be honest. How do we go about booking our date without paying for our whole trip upfront? Do they accept deposits for the wedding? Please help, I want this to not be stressful but it seems it's going to be. Thanks Kirsten and Chris
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