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    Barcelo Maya Colonial
  1. @@smfahey here are a bunch of pics from the wedding . Everything took place at Playa Azul. If you give me your email address I can share some more pics and send you some of the planning docs .hope this helps !
  2. @@yooyooo and @@TaraW - I had the same sort of issues with reception but our experience at Bahia Príncipe was kind of similar so I just kind of chalked it up as part of the resort experience. @@TaraW they forgot our breakfast too and when we got it the next day instead it wasn't very good so you didn't miss out ! One thing I didn't mention which is still bothering me is there was a guy on our 4th or 5th day that kept pouring all his beer on the dance floor at the disco. The staff knew he was doing it and kept mopping up after him but they continued to serve the guy and not kick him out. One of
  3. Yes, our colours were purple. I was fully hoping you were going to creep ! I creeped so many weddings that week ha ha ha .
  4. @@TaraW - beautiful pictures !!!! Wow I love your dress and you guys look so happy. this is going to sound lame but I also really love the upgraded chairs !! Ha ha
  5. @@TaraW it sucks that you had to deal with that added stress but I'm so happy that at the end of the day you had an amazing time !!!! umm and obviously I'd like to see some pictures please !!
  6. @kbehara2016 bride - I think the resort is pretty good at providing whatever you need for decor, but it comes at a price. You have to pay for your centerpieces for each table (which include the vase), and you have to pay for candles as well. From what I've heard just the basic sound system is fine, but we hired a DJ so I can't say from personal experience. It looked like there were lots of locations to choose from. I opted for the playa azul area because that part of the beach is fairly secluded and was a gorgeous location for both the ceremony and reception. I saw other weddings take place on
  7. Hi! We got married on Monday, Apr 25th. Ceremony was at 5pm and Reception at 7:30pm both at Playa Azul beach. We chose the strawberry package and had 58 guests. A summary of our wedding : Yasmin our WC scheduled a meeting with us 2 days after we arrived and we just went through the spreadsheet one last time to make sure we didn't want to change anything. We dropped off our decorations - we brought candles, lanterns with lights (it would have been 900 usd to rent them from the resort!!!), seating chart, table numbers, and some stuff for our welcome table. I told Yamin what my visio
  8. @@AprilRosemary2016 - I got my guestbook off of etsy as well as printable itineraries for my guests. You don't get charged the vendor fee a second time for the trial run (at least I wasn't charged twice) but I would confirm with you WC just so you have it in writing.
  9. @kirstendw2016 - hang in there I know the lack of communication can be frustrating. I've been waiting for my WC to respond for a couple weeks now to a few questions I had and its daunting with my wedding coming up in less than 2 months now. But I've heard from so many past brides who dealt with the exact same thing and then when the big day finally came everything turned out perfectly so I just keep telling myself it'll all be ok. My problem is I keep changing my mind about everything! I was in a wedding in Tulum a few weeks ago and the sun was blinding. I couldn't even look at the groom. Se
  10. @@KirstenChrisDW2016 - I haven't heard anything good about the resort photographer. I've heard great things about Mike Cantarell. Just googling Barcelo Maya wedding led me to getting a feel for the different styles and photographers out there. Personally I'm flying my photographer there from home. Just be mindful of the vendor fee. Don't worry too much about Abraham not being responsive. That's pretty typical. You're in good hands I promise. Where are you at in your planning exactly?
  11. That's a great idea! I'll ask them how close they are. And if the vendor fee is only 150 that's manageable compared to the 500 for photographers. I cannot believe how quickly everything is coming up! It really is flying by isn't it ? I haven't made the welcome letter or bags yet, or thought about centre pieces at all. Oops!
  12. Hey ladies ! I have a question about the vendor fees. So I'm thinking about sourcing out Styling trio for hair and make up for myself and my bridesmaids. There would be 2 stylists and I for sure want a trail run. My concern is that if I have 2 different stylists come in on 2 different days would that be 2000 USD? That seems insane to me. So I'm thinking what if i book a room for the night before my wedding in my name? Would that help avoid the vendor fees? That way they would have bracelets and could do my trail hair the day before. Has anyone done this and is it allowed? Thanks
  13. @@TaraW - where are you directing your guests for cocktail hour? I've asked Yasmin where the closest grill or bar is and having a hard time getting an answer ha ha and I know you and I are getting married at the same location. By the way I just left Mexico today. My best friend got married at Bahia Príncipe Tulum which is only a few minutes from Barcelo. It got me so excited for my wedding and also was a wake up call that I need to finish planning !!
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