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  1. @AprilRosemary2016- they have sweetheart tables and u should have to pay extra- i am not!!! its 3 ft by 6 ft i believe. we are having a sweetheart table and we are using the same tables for our guests. I ordered my guestbook off shutterfly, its was 50% off!! with all their promotions. I created it with our pictures from over the years including baby and engagement pics. I think its pointless to print the programs and other printed items other than name cards. Waste of money! save your cash for other fun things to do there! no one will even probably look or care about them. Im going to joannes fabric and grabbing two bags of fake roses. cheap and easy!
  2. Hi everyone, So my wedding is May 31rst, 2016. I went through two different WC just like a few of you I read about. I now have Abraham, after i send three very "nice" emails of having to wait 2 months for a simple response to the wedding manager at barcelo. I then waited another month for Abraham to reply. I finally got tired of waiting and called him. He picked up the phone right away, which was great. I was on the phone with him for about an hour getting all my questions answered in my email. I then told him, I will be calling not emailing because it seems the most efficient way and he said he actually prefers the call. So CALL HIM, His number is in his sig in the email! If you need it, contact me, I will pass it on. We are going with MTM for Photo's, Lincoln is very easy to work with. The resort people do a really bad job and want wayyyy too much, the extra $500 will save you and MTM gives a discount actually. I have a few photography friends going and they have offered to also take pictures. I am actually ordering the linen napkins, runners and chair ribbons off line. WAY Cheaper!! (you can find a napkin as low as 15 cent, good quality, a friend of mine did that for her mexico wedding two years ago and just reuses it every time she has people over.) My goal was to get EVERYTHING done by Feb and im only 40% done if that! Im trying to find an excel or word doc with a reception timeline to give to the WC and another person from my party to make sure everything is running smoothly. So, if anyone has something to pass along, that would be great!