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Charmed School for the Rock of Love Rejects


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So I just read on Perez Hilton that Sharon Osbourne is going to host the Charmed School for the Rock of Love girls that were rejected. Supposedly they will get etiquette training and compete to win $100,000. I cannot wait to watch this in all its train wreck glory.


This is the posting from Perez Hilton:


Mo'Nique is out!


For those of you that remember, VH1 premiered Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School last year, which consisted of 13 rejects from Flavor Flav's Flavor of Love show, seasons 1 & 2.


The girls competed in challenges to ultimately win the final grand prize, a check for $50,000. That's even better than having won Flavor of Love!


Now, there's a new competition coming to your TVs. And by "new", we mean a remake of the first Charm School.


This time, the show will be called Rock of Love Girls: Charm School, and as you figured, it will feature rejects from Bret Michael's Rock of Love reality show.


This time around, though, they probably figured former Charm School host Mo'Nique just wasn't classy enough.


They've opted for someone with a bit more "charm."


So, set to star as the host of the new Charm School is none other than Sharon Osbourne.


The Osbourne's are known for their foul mouths and bad behavior, yet, there's something about Sharon that's motherly and sage. Bitch has lived it!


Sharon will be responsible for turning this "ladies" into fine, sophisticated, rock & roll leading ladies.


Since when do rocker's wives need to be all proper?


This season will consist of fourteen girls rejected by Michaels.


However, this time the winning lady will get $100,000! Mmuch better than winning to be with Bret or Flavor Flav, combined.


To win, the girls must "learn and grow in areas of etiquette, fashion, manners, and moderation."


As for Sharon, she "will attempt to strip the girls of their former rebellious and wild ways. And with some help from experts, hopefully transform the girls into fully rockin†ladies."


We'll probably watch the first episode, but it better be good enough to make us want to watch the second. (It won't.)

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That's funny!


They are also having this show on in the fall called "i love money" or something, for all those flavor of love, rock of love, etc contestants. it's basically like a "we know you aren't looking for love and just want the money, so fight it out on this show" show.

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It is going to be carnage lol how can Sharon Osbourne turn anyone into a lady pmsl she's from a rough part of London, dragged up by a Gangster, and is really wicked lmao


Don't get me wrong I like her but how the hell can you get a lady rock god it doesn't happen lmao


Btw not seen the Bret Michaels thing is he still as lush as he used to be - i used to drool over him lmao

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