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HOAX: EVERYTHING is $1!!!!! Nordstrom e.l.f. makeup!

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My Mom just sent me this link:

Shop Eyes Lips Face


Everything is a $1! I'm about to load upsmile43.gif


Nordstrom is changing the logo on their makeup, so they're selling everything that says "e.l.f." for $1.00! When they ask for the coupon code put in Carolina and get $7.00 off, which will take care of the shipping cost.

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wow fun! too bad i'm broke till friday sad.gif i had to ask doug for some cash flow this week :) my sugar daddy, he likes to call himself "her financier" instead of fiance wink.gif

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ok so this is creepy, what does it mean??


fraud alert



Customer Alert!


We have learned that some of our customers received e-mails from an unauthorized and unknown source regarding the website eyeslipsface.com. We want you to know that Nordstrom and Nordstrom.com are not affiliated with eyeslipsface.com or the e.l.f. product line, nor with any e-mail regarding that website or product line. Nordstrom does not sell e.l.f. products. Please know that Nordstrom would not ask for your account information through e-mail communication.


If you receive an e-mail asking for any personal or account information appearing to be from Nordstrom, or is claiming affiliation with Nordstrom, please forward the information to onlinefraud@nordstrom.com or call us at 1-888-282-6060.


If you think you may have disclosed your account information in error or have been a victim of fraudulent account activity, please contact your bank and/or credit card company immediately.

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I was really excited about this and was able to load up, but a lady here at work says their stuff is always $1.00.


Does anyone know if this is true? Either way - you get $7.00 for free shipping. That's a plus!

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i found that on the nordstom website when i put in to search for "e.l.f.". weird! i know it was last year, but made me nervous for you girls. are you ordering directly off the eyeslipsface site? or nordstrom.com?

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