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The Nugget Story ... with Pictures! Updated: 6/17/2008 ... She's officially all ours!

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#241 Andi


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    Posted 01 June 2008 - 11:47 PM

    I just caught up on all of the updates and cute pics! I must say the pink outfits are the cutest! Gwen has so much hair!

    She is so cute!

    #242 ErinB


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      Posted 01 June 2008 - 11:59 PM

      Ann I love catching up and seeing pictures! You have to keep posting! Is she wearing preemie clothes or newborn?

      #243 LCBride2007


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        Posted 02 June 2008 - 12:16 AM

        Originally Posted by ErinB
        Is she wearing preemie clothes or newborn?
        both, actually! the pink outfit she has on now is preemie, but the polkadot and pink guitar outfits were newborn. she's just over 5lbs, so she's right on the border.

        #244 LCBride2007


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          Posted 03 June 2008 - 12:31 AM

          Originally Posted by SusanK
          BTW, what kind of camcorder did you guys get? That's our last big purchase we need to make, but knowing nothing about video cameras, I don't know where to begin.
          Paul got the Sony DCR-SR220 - we haven't used it yet though, but expect some better quality videos soon!

          #245 Christine

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          Posted 03 June 2008 - 12:38 AM

          oh she is going to be so cute for her daddy...love it!
          Christine + Will (married 7/20/07) + Ainsleigh (born 6/25/08) + Nolan (born 11/9/10) + Delaney (born 12/31/13) = One Very Happy Family!

          #246 Betsy


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            Posted 03 June 2008 - 12:56 AM

            SO Glad to see she is doing great! What a little princess- look at all that hair! She is so adorable!!

            #247 SASSYGIRL

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              Posted 03 June 2008 - 01:11 AM

              yep pink is her color - now you need to add a pink bow or clip to all that hair! My goodness you are going to have fun with her!
              Sarah's little girl-Isabella Nicole-10/31/08

              #248 LCBride2007


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                Posted 04 June 2008 - 12:06 AM

                Ok, you guys will never believe this. So Paul started talking to one of our regular, and favorite, nurses (well, Gwen's nurses). Somehow they got on the topic of how we got married in Mexico.

                Well, long story short - she comes up to me and says we've met before. I was like, how? She said BDW! Not only is she a member of this forum ... but she was married at CALETAS! How crazy is that? She wasn't on here too much, and hasn't been on for a while ... but what a small world! She said she recognized us, likely from all of the pictures I've posted! Seriously, how crazy is that.

                Then Paul said "is it weird that someone on your forum has seen your boobs?" (referring to me breastfeeding in front of the nurses) Then he said, "well, I guess she isn't the only one!" HAHA! So true! (for those of you that don't know, I am referring to a group boudoir session we did a while back)

                Oh, and I can't post w/o adding a picture!

                Click the image to open in full size.

                #249 Yari

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                  Posted 04 June 2008 - 12:08 AM

                  No way, what a small world! I love it, she is a LC bride.

                  #250 LCBride2007


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                    Posted 04 June 2008 - 07:22 AM


                    So Gwen started out so well, that she had us all fooled into thinking she was the perfect little preemie, in that she was acting more like a full term baby. Well, she's now "acting her age." Over the last few days she's been having more "de-sats" where her blood oxegenation levels drop just a little below where the doctors like to see them. Basically, this just means that she's not taking deep enough breaths, or she's pausing here and there. It's usually around feeding time, and she always jumps right back up on her own - but it still scares Paul and I do death when the monitor dings. We're conditioned to hate those dings now!

                    The nurses and docs reassure us that it's likely nothing to worry about. But because she wasn't doing this before, they've taken some blood and urine to do an analysis. They wanted to rule out an infection. So far all of her labwork has come back negative. Poor little girl had to have blood drawn and a catheter (sp?) put in to collect urine - and she didn't even cry! She's a tough little girl I guess.

                    The doctors say they expect to see this behavior right away from a baby her age, but since she took a week or so to get there, they were doing some extra tests. But really, in all liklihood she just is getting over tired and that's why the drop in her sat. levels.

                    This is also why she's got the nose tube (nasal canula - sp?) back. It's primarily room air being blown into her nose, but it's just to stimulate her and remind her to breathe in.

                    My poor baby!

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