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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!

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Hi all!


I got engaged in February and my fiancé suggested we have our destination at the Bahia Principe Akumal in the Mayan Riveria because that's where he was vacationing when we decided to start dating 9 years ago. We visited the resort two weeks ago (for our 9 year anniversary) so that I could have a look at the resort and decide if it was the place to host our wedding.


I loved it! I found it beautiful and I can't wait to start planning. We met with a wedding coordinator and she mentioned that we needed to fill out a wedding application. I've searched all over the website to find the application was unable to find it. Can anyone help me out?


Thanks in advance and thanks for having this forum, it's super helpful.

Welcome, and congrats!


If you send an email to the resort, they will send you the application. You should have your dates in mind when you get the application. If you go to the weddings section of the website (under "for Everyone") and click the "I want more information" link, it will give you an email address to send a message to.

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My fiancé and I looked at this resort and frankly it has been at the top of our list, however, it has been very hard to get a total price including the wedding cost and all inclusive price for our guest. Can anyone tell me what your experience has been over all with this hotel?




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Hi Ana, congrats on the engagement! 


I was married at the GBP Tulum in Oct 2014! My hubby and I had our first vacation together at the GBP resort and this is the reason why we had our wedding there :-) 




We first made an enquiry through their web site by telling them our initial plan - proposed date, group size, etc. They responded by sending us the price list, optional services, restaurant menus, and a information collection sheet. We filled out the info collection sheet and returned to the wedding coordinator. They started organizing everything 3 months before our wedding. We were asked to arrive at least 3 days before the wedding day. We got to meet with the coordinator to finalize everything. 


We picked the unforgettable package - we got about 25 guests. We had our dinner at the Mexican restaurant. We bought our own decorations. We managed the rooming list with reservation details and then sent to our coordinator for their handling. We also sent them photos of what we wanted for our wedding as we found it easier to let them exactly what we were looking for. 


We had our wedding ceremony by the beach and it was amazing!!! The wedding coordinator and their staff were very helpful. They gave us instructions and they knew exactly what to do and expect on our wedding day. 


The wedding couple gets unlimited a la carte meals, plus access to the new luxury resort Sian Ka'an. My hubby also booked a golf game at Sian Ka'an with the boys, he said the golf venue was stunning! 


Most of my guests booked their flights and accommodation through west jet vacations and expedia. My advice is to look carefully at the cancellation policy rather than just comparing prices. 


I hired an external vendor for make up and hair service as the GBP salon got no sample albums to show their previous works.... (but I was very happy with my own make up and hair stylist). I did my nails the day before flying to cancun as I wanted to spend more time with my fam. while we were in the resort. 


Their on-site photographers were good too, especially the group photo! Our package came with 15 photos. We had our friend as photographer so we didn't really purchase extra photos from them. 


My suggestion would be to extend the time for dinner... the package comes with a 2-hour dinner but it is definitely not enough!! 


The resort only offers 1-hour complimentary wifi each day. We made and distributed a list of room number of everyone as we were like back in the old days - calling each other and see where and when to meet! 


Our overall wedding experience at GBP was wonderful.... even our parents are still saying how happy they were and how much they missed the place!!! We are very glad and thankful knowing that everyone did have a wonderful time there... and this is the purpose of us having a DW!


Hope these help! Enjoy the wedding planning! 


Feel free to PM me if you need more info. 





My fiancé and I looked at this resort and frankly it has been at the top of our list, however, it has been very hard to get a total price including the wedding cost and all inclusive price for our guest. Can anyone tell me what your experience has been over all with this hotel?


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Hi Brides,


Anyone who's gotten married at the Grand Bahia Principe Tullum do you have any pictures of what your reception looked like?


It doesn't list on the different packages what decorations are available so I'm not sure what i can ask for. How does all that work? I'm thinking either beach wedding or gazebo but I've seen the gazebo decorated with flowers and the aisle and stuff but it doesn't state if that costs extra or what. It also doesn't say if I can chose colours and layout as well.


For the reception I'd like to do it by the pool but I have the same questions. I didn't like the pictures I saw of the pool reception online as the chairs and table didn't match in colour. Can I chose these colours or do you just get what you get?


My other question is the bridal bouquet, it's included in the packages but does anyone have a picture of theirs? I'd like to know what they provide as standard. Is it any good?


I'd really appreciate anyone's input on this!!! Thank you girls!



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Head on over to http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/63282-official-gran-bahia-principe-riviera-maya-thread/ 


it is more active and has pictures and explanations and video tours and all sorts of fun stuff. 


Depending on the package you choose, you will probably just have the flowers on the table for the signing included. Once you book your date with the resort they will send you the flower catalog and price list for the optional services. 


The included setup for the poolside reception as far as I know is just the white tall tables and white chairs. There are pictures in the other thread as well. 

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Hi everyone,


Getting married on April 30th, 2016, staying at Coba, ceremony on Tulum beach and deciding on reception location soon.


Could anyone please help me with the answers to these questions?  As I'm sure you all have experienced, you don't always get the fastest or most helpful responses from the resort.

  • Anyone know how to go about paying in pesos?  If the exchange rate doesn't change that will most likely be the best option, however, everything is listed in USD - will they give you the price in pesos?
  • The packages include "basic" decoration... what does this include exactly?

Thank you so much :)

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