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  1. So glad it went well hun!!! Wishing you all the happiness in the world
  2. Congrats!!! How exciting! So glad it went well - looking forward to seeing your review
  3. No I don't think they do honey! I think they just charged us exactly what was on the form. Thanks, Kat
  4. Hi they calculate it all in USD, from the package price to the add ons to the spa services but then when you pay it all at reception it all gets exchange into pesos at the awful rate they give you at the reception desk. If you can get around this some how you can save some money, we tried to fight it but had no luck. They also only let you pay for a certain amount of cash per room. Hope that helps Kat
  5. Hi Georgina, Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! I'm so jealous that yours is yet to come, it's sad when it's all over. I hope you have the best wedding holiday!! I booked the appointment for makeup and hair when I got to the resort (at the spa). The trial for hair and makeup is included and she has a book to pick different styles from and can try several different things on you. The trial is free but the hair and makeup on the day are not (I think it was about $150 for both) but if you do the trial before you decide to get it done with them. The girl that did my hair and makeup was g
  6. Costs Costs on the Wedding are quite complicated! So many options and different things you can add so let me give you some key points about mine and what we paid in total to give you an idea. Total guests: 50 Package: Romantic Extravaganza (package only includes 30 guests so if you have more you pay $40 per person) Reception: Privatised tent at Grand Tortuga Post Reception: Poolside dancing Music: Sound equipment only (no dj or band) The total Wedding cost us about $8K in USD. We paid almost $4K for the Romantic Extravaganza package (which includes 30 people) and then paid
  7. Decorations The hotel does not provide any decorations other than the flowers from the ceremony brought over, white table cloths and chairs, cutlery, menus printed out. AND they only provide this and let you decorate tables if you privatise the area!!! If you don't then I don't think you even get to have sound equipment or anything there. Please keep this in mind! If you want anything decorated, you have to bring it with you (I think they may let you rent things as well but I'm not sure what the cost is and no one offered this to me). We had 50 guests so I wanted table numbers, tab
  8. Great review @@deecol - I have just written my own review everyone! You're welcome to come read it, link in signature below Funny as my story is similar to yours!! Let me know if you have any questions anyone
  9. Resorts on the complex Grand Bahia Tulum – This is the resort we stayed in, it’s huge, and is located on the beach. The pool area connects with the beach. It doesn’t have free wifi. It has a nice main lobby and a couple of a la carte restaurants (you can also use Coba’s restaurants when you stay here) and the main bar is just off the reception in a huge open building. Was fairly young crowd when I was there. Saw some kids but not a huge amount. Grand Bahia Coba – This is the other regular (not luxury) resort in the complex, it is not located on the beach but further inland from Tulum. You ca
  10. HAHAHAHAHA!! Of course you did! I swear he met the whole resort on that trip lol Lovely glad the info was helpful. Happy to help more with anything you need. I have updated my review on this and have added some pictures have a look!!
  11. Post ceremony cocktails and canapes After the ceremony and the champagne we walked down the beach to the redwood structure (you can also get married here) and we had our cocktails and canapes here. We were planning to have the canapes and cocktails by the gazebo but I'm glad we move down to this structure as there was more shade and space for eveyrone. The cocktails were great and the little bar they set up was cute. They also set up canapes that were self-help on the side. These weren't amazing but good as a little snack. Everyone mingled and our mariachi band arrived and started playing Mex
  12. We got schedules from the Wedding planner earlier in the week to hand out to our guests. This way everyone knew were to meet the day of the Wedding. Everyone got picked up at the Tullum Lobby along with Groom and Groomsmen at 12:30 to go to the venue together. As the Gazebo is a bit of a drive from the lobby and it was very hot so this all worked well. The Wedding planner then came and picked me and my bridesmaids up at 12:50 to start the wedding at 1pm. We had cheap sunglasses made with our names and the wedding date on the side and Mike took these along with him and handed them out t
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