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"HOLD" rooms for resort...how did you know?

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Hey Ladies,


In need of some quick advice....


Okay, so I am confused but apparently I have to “hold†the rooms at the Dreams Tulum resort for the wedding…which makes sense since they could sell out & people wouldnâ€t have anywhere to stay BUT…

I have to pick how many rooms I want held for however may days & for what dates, meaning…


Like 15 rooms for 4 night, dates being Sat-Wed or for 5 nights, dates bring Sat. to Thurs….


And maybe 5 rooms for 7 nights…dates being Fri to Friday, but seriously how am I suppose to know exactly how many people are doing however many nights & then even worse, how am I suppose to know what dates theyâ€ll want their stay to include?


Did you ladies really talk to everyone you thought would be attending & ask what their plans were? I just sent out my STDs so of course am not sure who'd planning to attend or not & more than that have no idea how many nights & what dates or travel they want?


Help!!! How did you decided how many & for what dates & length to "hold" your rooms for & put the $100.00 deposit per room for?




Laura smile43.gif

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I found that booking straight through the hotel, they wanted us to hold rooms as well. I had no idea how many people would show up, so I decided to make a group reservation through CheapCaribbean.com (which I have used before) and with them I only had to guarante 10 people fly down on the same day (which I knew I had just in our immediate fam) to get the group rate. Then as it got closer everyone else was able to call the TA and just be added to our group reservation at the same price.


BTW...I also found from other girls that are getting married in Aruba this summer, I was able to get the cheapest prices for my guests packages by booking w/ CheapCaribbean.com I couldn't believe how much others were paying since they booked the hotel and air seperately. You might want to check them out. :)

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I actually am using a TA, who works with Apple Vacations & she is one having me do this? Thats why im really confusedhuh.gif

I just feel really restricted since i am not sure all who's going to make it, how many nights they want to stay & what dates...since my STDs just went out?


Thank you ladies for insight on this!


Laura smile41.gif

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I just had them hold a group of rooms for me. We had the option to either put 10% down on each room, or just pay for our room in full. We decided to pay for our room in full for 5 nights (wasn't putting $ down on anyone elses room!) and told them we would probably be extending our stay, but needed to check with work first (we are going to stay for 10 nights, but I didn't want to shell out almost $5k upfront).


At first they wanted to know the dates and people who would be attending...Um, we are just starting this, I don't know who is going to decide to come! But then it turned out she just wanted an idea so she knew how many rooms to block out for our contract. And it is ok if people stay longer or shorter times. We had her hold 10 rooms Thursday night and 25 rooms for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.


Hope that helps.

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