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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Mmack hello paulinaj! I am new to this site too. I thinking of having my wedding at the Rennaisance too. Can you send me any pictures from your wedding? Any help would be great. Thanks!! Hi Mmack... I also got married at the Renaissance in July 2008. We had an excellent wedding, it was everything we ever dreamed about and our family and friends are still raving over it almost 2 years later. If you would like any additional information or to see my pictures, send me an email and I would be happy to share with you since I know how difficult this whole process can be. Kristin kmullin113@aol.com
  2. Well, originally when we first got engaged we though that we could have our wedding for between $10-15k......needless to say I was in for quite a shock when I found out how expensive weddings are in Aruba!! The prices for the reception (food & drinks) alone is almost double the price per person we would have paid in NYC for a wedding, but we really had our heart set on getting married in Aruba. So, probably by the 3rd month of planning we decided to throw our budget out the window and just focus on having everything we ever wanted, after all...we'll only do this once Now that almost all of the planning is done and once we buy a few last minute items, our total is probably right around $30k. It is still cheaper than a wedding here in NY, so we really aren't too upset with going over budget.
  3. Monique Idlett - She is his publicist and longtime girlfriend. They had a daughter together in Nov. 2007
  4. For all the Aruba brides out there, I just wanted to let you know that Timbaland just got married on the Renaissance Private Island. It seems as though they had the entire hotel reserved just for the wedding this past weekend. I am getting married there next month and was trying to get in touch with my wedding planner over the weekend, and now I know why I was told "he took a short vacation" LOL Well, here is an article on the wedding and hopefully they will have some pictures soon. Timbaland Weds Longtime Girlfriend in Aruba - The Boombox Music Blog
  5. We are having a Welcome Party the first nigt everyone gets to Aruba so we can inform people about what's going on then and we also made itinerary's that will be going in the OOT bags letting people know all of the important dates/places and times. We also put our cell phone number on them as well since not everyone is staying at the same hotel, just in case they really need some info. But I think for the most part when people are on vacation they will want to be doing their own thing. I really wouldn't be to worried about keeping track of 50-60 people, you will drive yourself crazy....and remember this is your vacation too )
  6. I love B, probably because it looks so similar to mine, but am I seeing the prices right? Are they really charging you up to $2000 for those flowers
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by MEE Hey everyone! I was wondering if I could get some opinions from you... My fiance and I are exchanging vows in Aruba (we are actually getting married in the U.S. at the JOP like 3 months before).....which I hope people won't think is a ridiculous idea.... Anyway....due to short notice, we may only have immediate family in Aruba when we exchange our religious vows. So... Has anyone in here only had about 6-8 guests at your DW? If so, what did you do for the reception? We would really really like music and all of that, but don't know if that will be weird with only 6-8 guests, mostly parents/grandparents. I would love any advice/opinions/past experiences!!!! Thanks! Hey I just noticed that you are exchanging your vows in Aruba and so am I. Just so you know we just went down yesterday to get our marriage license and we will be getting married at the JOP next week, so it is not ridiculous that you will be technically married 3 months before Aruba. It is just so much easier to do it that way, I thought. As for having only 6-8 guests, I think it is a great idea to have a steel pan band plus an ipod for your first dance, father/daughter dance, etc. When we first started planning our DW, I didn't think we would have alot of people come and that was what we were planning on doing, but now that we have 28 guests we are still having the steel band for the ceremony and cocktail hour and then a DJ for the reception. Have you decided on where you are going to have the wedding? Last year when we were in Aruba we saw a couple get married on the Renaissance Ocean Suites Beach and there was only about 6 people there, but it was set up really nice off to the side and they had speakers setup b/c I assumed they provided their own music. My point is, that I really dont think you have anything to worry about, your wedding will be beautiful and fun no matter how many people are there.
  8. Your best and probably easiest way to match your colors is to got to a print shop and ask them to look at their PMS book. It is the Pantone Matching System book. In there you will be able to find the color you want and get the exact color combination for either RGB or CMYK printing. It will tell you the exact numbers to plug in, and don't worry about what they look like on screen, they will print to the exact color you saw in the book. I have about 10 sets of pantone books here at work, if you would like to post a color block of the colors you are trying to print I can try to match it up for you and give you the color codes.
  9. I am desperatley looking for some cheap beach towels to put in our OOT bags. Twice this past week, Kmart sent me emails that they had beach towels on sale for $4 and both times I tried to order them, it tells me that they are not available. AGGGHHHHH!! I am getting so frustrated! Does anyone else know of some other places I can get a good deal on beach towels?
  10. I also didn't really want to register for alot since we have pretty much everything, so I decided to register for a few things at BB&B and then the main regisrty was at TravelersJoy.com. My mom wasn't sure if people would really understand the honeymoon registry, but my shower was this past Sat and most people got me stuff from TravelersJoy.com. It was great b/c we will actually get the $$ but we are using it towards all of the stuff we asked for while on our honeymoon (dinners, massages, excersions..etc) Everyone thought it was a great idea and loved that they were able to give us stuff that we really wanted. Here is our link in case anyone wants to see how we worded everything Honeymoon Registry for Kristin Mullin & Anthony Romeo | Traveler's Joy Oh, and just so you know - we still got about 5 lenox picture frames, 4 sets of wine glasses, 2 sets of champagne glasses....and a whole bunch of other stuff we didn't ask for. I think people are always going to buy you what they "think" you'll like
  11. I found that booking straight through the hotel, they wanted us to hold rooms as well. I had no idea how many people would show up, so I decided to make a group reservation through CheapCaribbean.com (which I have used before) and with them I only had to guarante 10 people fly down on the same day (which I knew I had just in our immediate fam) to get the group rate. Then as it got closer everyone else was able to call the TA and just be added to our group reservation at the same price. BTW...I also found from other girls that are getting married in Aruba this summer, I was able to get the cheapest prices for my guests packages by booking w/ CheapCaribbean.com I couldn't believe how much others were paying since they booked the hotel and air seperately. You might want to check them out.
  12. When planning our wedding, I found out from the TA that the cheapest days to fly are Tues & Wed which is why most of our group is flying down Tues. As for the resort, the price was the same for any day but we decided to have ours on Thursday, since it was easier to book all of the vendors we wanted, and since some people still wanted to go from Sat-Sat, the mid-week wedding worked out for everyone. It's not like haveing a wedding here in the middle of the week, when your on vaca everyday is Saturday LOL
  13. Leslie... I know that it is easier said, than done, but you have to try and ignor everyone that tries to bring you down. I went through the same exact thing b/c my FI's family was pissed that we decided to have DW. We have been engaged now for over 9 months and they are still causing problems over it. Some people can not understand that it is your day and that the two of you have to do what is going to make you happy. My only advice is to try and not let them get you down or change anything that you want for your wedding.......we had to learn this the hard way.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Hartyt509 i just read all this OMG how did u stay so calm i'd have been ready to fly down and beat the shite out of them !! Glad you have another hotel, you can now tell the other one to and then slam them on here lol other people should know that this seems to be their standard practice. Glad you got it sorted thou x Oh you better believe I will be letting everyone know what happened to me (but once all of the plans are finalized w/ the Ren...LOL) and to think I recommended so many people to that hotel and I though they were great.....but in the end that was the most shady shit I have ever seen. And trust me, they are very luck that I wasn't down there, I could have killed someone I was so mad!! But they will get there's and everything happens for a reason
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by carly That is GREAT news! And such a quick resolution! YAAYYYYYYY! I know I can't believe it either, I think I'm still in shock. My FI had to literally track him down over there and get his personal cell, but who the hell cares if we seem crazy LOL
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