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Hello from PC Bride to be!

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Originally Posted by RZurla View Post
Thanks everyone for your welcomes, it makes the journey getting there that much more fun! Hey Lindsey - Looks like I will be going home on the date of your wedding, but will be there when you arrive. Have you set your plan yet? I am so far going with the beach ceremony and reception. I have been planning with Viviana my WC - is she yours?

Thanks ccme for sending me this link - its awesome and it looks like already I wont be getting any work done till after July!! LOL.

LOL No problem.
It's funny. We come here to get all these great ideas and stuff and, at least for me anyway, I end up spending WAY too much time on this site when I could actually be DOING things like working and getting stuff ready for the wedding. LOL. :) But it's all in great fun. It's a wonderful forum! :) So glad you're here! Maybe we could do a meet and greet in PC? :)

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Hi Robin. I'm getting married at the paradisus palma real also in PC. you should definately check out threads by foxtytv (tami) she just got married at your resort and has a lot of PC info on here. goodluck with your planning

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