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Happy Anniversary Rachelle & David!

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Feliz cinco Rachelle! I was just thinking about how today every body in the US is having a big ass party for you!! Best wishes for a special day.

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Omg....girls I feel like such a putz!! I JUST saw this thread today!! blush2.gif I'm so sorry for not responding and thanking you guys for all the fun congrats and well wishes sooner!!


That being said it was VERY fun to stumble across this thread today - totally made my day! I can't believe I've been married for two years already! Time flies man...


And it was fun thinking back on how I got started here on the forum while reading Glenda's post here. Yup, I came on as an over-achiever MOH and just decided to stay forever. lol! My bff Monica was planning a DW in Puerto Vallarta and this forum was absolutely invaluable for us! Even her dad said to make sure and post a "thank you" from him after the wedding for all the help we recieved!


Happy Anniversary Rachelle!

Did you guys go to the B&B last weekend, or is it this weekend?

We went to the B&B on the 3rd and came home on the 5th. It was wonderful!!! I was meaning to tell you about it case you and James ever want to go. We LOVED it...even more than the one we went to last year. The pics on the website don't do it justice! That bed in the cottage was amazing - so huge and comfy. And we fell in love w/ the bathroom. Yummy jetted tub that I soaked in for a while (not too long and the water wasn't too hot - promise!) and the double-headed shower was a dream. Also, the hosts were really nice - just the sweetest people and they made you feel right at home. Also the food was great! We have decided this is definitely where we're staying next time we go. There's a winery we really like nearby and we are big fans of the drive in theater. They were showing Iron Man while we were there and it was really good! I was very pleasantly surprised.




Yay! What a great wedding date! PARTY!


I didn't know that's how you came upon the site Rachelle! That's awesome. I'm so glad you stuck around.

lOL! thanks Rachel! We kinda thought it was a fun one. Christa has St Patty's day for hers...another great holiday for an annivesary! I'm a big believer in drink specials, so getting married on a drinking holiday just made sense. ;-) Of course that didnt' do me much good this year... lol!



Thanks for starting this fun thread ladies!! smile03.gif

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