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Valerie´s wedding photos at La perla.

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I just hope I can soon go back to that place because I really liked it! And like one of you said, the variaty of fruits you can get in that place is awsome, I bought fresh "exotic fruit" at the local market and I had it for breakfast,lunch and dinner. Yes I am a fruit freak!


If you want to buy the exotic stuff, try:

1.-Mamey - (this is the jule of fruits) incredible!!!! a little expensive, in fact its so expensive that no restaurant will ever have it, or if they do, it will outrageously expensive at a restaurant, you have to buy it in the local market and you have to look for it inside because very few places will have it.

2.-Mango de Manila - do not buy just any Mango, you have to get the expensive stuff, the one mango that will change your mind about mangos.

3.-Higos - this is one sweet and expensive fruit but you will love it!

4.-Chico Zapote - no words for this awsome sweet fruit, its also a little expensive.


And the one fruit that if you find it you are a winner is:

Chavacano - this is a well known fruit in the U.S. but you have to try the ones we have here, I go crazy when I can have one of these and I say "when" I can have one because they are really hard to find, even for me eventhough I know where to look, only 3 months out of the year you can find them but I cant remember what months are those.


Non of the above you will ever find it at a restaurant, you have to buy them at the local market.



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Ooh Juan!


I just got back from out of town for a week and came back to find 2 new slideshows from you! I LOVE this one... your work never ceases to amaze me. Even a year after my wedding I still love looking at my pictures almost every day. Fabulous...

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