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Nov 08 brides

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#381 DanielleNDerek

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    Posted 24 June 2008 - 03:46 PM

    I'm hoping that i lose enough weight that my big butt feels comfortable in a thong. lol
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    #382 Cali

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      Posted 24 June 2008 - 04:21 PM

      Hello Everyone....

      Can somebody tell me what Photosouvenir? and the link for the website
      Are some people getting their wedding album from here?

      Can someone also inform me where I can get the map of the Dream Cancun Resort?

      I also need to loose a lot of weight...I been feeling like puking but I haven’t puke yet and I have been feeling nauseated .. so my first thought was that I had a food poison after the past two weeks I still felt kind of weird...

      Then all of sudden I started panicking....OMG I'm PREGNANT...so I took the pregnancy test this morning…. I really nervous because I just received my dress and fit like a glove hence that why I need to loose weight …but it came out negative.......I haven’t been feeling well lately can't sleep either. I think I'm just nervous about the wedding....

      Has anybody been feeling like this?

      #383 DanielleNDerek

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        Posted 24 June 2008 - 04:26 PM

        Here's link to photosouvenir site:
        Photosouvenir Punta Cana, Wedding Photographer Dominican Republic

        I'm doing just a photopackage no videographer. It's the one with up to 5 hrs of coverage. the price list is on their blog section

        If you can't find a resort map on their website than you might want to check photobucket they had some of my resort.

        You know i was feeling a litte nauseas a few weeks ago but it passed. Maybe it is just nerves. I know i've been a ball full of nerves lately. I hope you feel better.
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        #384 EricaG

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          Posted 24 June 2008 - 04:30 PM

          Oh my! I hope you start feeling better. As the tickers tick down, I think a lot of us are going to be getting more nervous, but we have each other to get through it!

          I am also using photosouvenir and I am getting the gold package for photos and videography and TTD as well.
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          #385 beachbride08

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            Posted 24 June 2008 - 05:53 PM

            Originally Posted by tvt
            wow, everyone has made a lot of progress!

            i've been shopping around for wedding undergarments... but am so confused... ie do swen in cups provide enough support? would a corset type thing be uncomfortable? what undies do I wear? who knew it would be such a decision! anyone want to share what they are wearing?

            i've also started on my seating chart. holy hell did i underestimate how hard that would be!! i keep going back to it, and it's hard to decide who to put where. not fun! we have a few kids... but of varying ages. so do you put them with their parents?
            I think I am going to have cups sewn into my dress since I think that will be easiest the way my dress is cut. I haven't decided what to wear on the bottom. I guess I will have to see how much weight I will lose before I have to go for alterations, and determine if I need some extra help to suck in the fat rolls! Ha Ha!

            As for the seating chart with kids, I would probably seat them with their parents. That is what I am planning to do.

            #386 LadyCheese

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              Posted 24 June 2008 - 10:06 PM

              hi ladies, I have been MIA from this thread lately bc I havent been doing any wedding related stuff the past few wknds...I really need to get with the program ASAP! Is anyone planning to send a "reminder" to guests that final payent is due on x-date?

              #387 M&L2008

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                Posted 24 June 2008 - 11:57 PM

                All I think about is the weight!!! Think
                IT, Dream IT but......that's it.

                #388 Celina

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                  Posted 25 June 2008 - 01:48 AM

                  Hi Ladies!

                  I have been quiet lately too - just busy at home and still dealing with sister drama.

                  Got invites ordered yesterday - they already called me today and wanted me to change the wording on my RSVP's because it didn't fit UGH!!

                  I need to take some pics and show you what I got so far - my guestbook and pen came in. My BM's jewlery came in today too.

                  As far as what to wear under that dress - anything that sucks in my fat! HAHA! I am top heavy, so I am wearing a minimizing and uplifting bra for the girls. I'm with you Danielle, I need to get the Groomsmen measured. Are you going through Fridayshirts.com to get your GM's shirts made?

                  I think that's who we are going through. FI found some nice flip flops on Overstock.com for the guys to wear. They were Tevas and were pretty nice - I am SO thankful he has good taste! lol! My friend said my OOT bags were all embroidered and I am going to meet her Friday to pick them up.

                  I was doing the Sacred Heart Diet - and after 4 days I was SO over the soup! I tried it though! I'm just trying to watch what I eat.
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                  #389 Cali

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                    Posted 25 June 2008 - 08:56 AM

                    thx ladies

                    I feel little better...I just think I'm getting nervous about the whole wedding in cancun...

                    I started the South Beach diet today hopefully I'll lose some jelly....

                    #390 DanielleNDerek

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                      Posted 25 June 2008 - 09:24 AM

                      Jessica I did send out a reminder that money is due by such and such date a few weeks ago. My Ta is going to send out bills to everyone too. It definately doesn't hurt to send out letters to everyone, at least you won't be worried that you didn't warn them.

                      Celina - we are getting the shirts from Fridayshirts, well i think it's fridayshirts and the link now takes you to weddingtropics. that's what your talking about right? the custom wedding linen shirts are what we are getting I really love them. we attempted to look for other shirts this past weekend at the mall and didn't find anything else we liked. i even looked online again and nada. We were a little nervous about messing up measurements or the shirts not fitting right. I just talked to a bride that also got them from their and she said not to worry, hers turned out perfect. But we really need to order them soon, it could take up to 2mos to get them and with my luck one will not fit right and i'll have to get a new one made. I think i will try to contact all the guys this week so i can get them ordered in the next two weeks.

                      I can't wait to see your oot bags and your bm jewelry. Hmmm i might go on overstock to look at flip flops now too, i never thought to look there. I was going to do the sacred heart diet later on in the summer or right before the trip. It does sound really tough to do, very strict.
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