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  1. Great Work with the Pashminas. These are my same colors:)
  2. Welcome back !! Glad evrything turned out good (that's the most important) looking forward to the pics & review
  3. Mirna & Louis-November 15th 2008-Dreams Cancun
  4. M&L2008

    Dance Lessons

    Jkc0702 What type of dance are you looking to learn? Have you ever taken classes before? Our prices are as follow's We will be starting a group class in manhattan(72nd Street) 8/20/08 it runs for 8 weeks every wednesday 7-8pm it's $150 for the eight weeks - but for bdw grls it's $130. If you prefer private lessons in manhattan -$70 for 1 hour If you can come to NJ to where we have a studio styled room for teaching then it would be $40 for 1 hour since there would be no studio fee.
  5. M&L2008

    Dance Lessons

    We teach in Lodi NJ Bergen County.
  6. M&L2008

    October 08 Brides - What's Left to Do

    Im a nov 08 btb and just wanted to see what oct 08 brides were up to. I can't express my releif in reading that it's not just me feeling the weight of it all. The expense,time & sacrafise woooo it's overwhelming. we haven't been able to take a Vacation this year...... and I really need one just trying to keep my mind on the prize.... you ladies do the same!!
  7. A boudoir session. I love the idea..... I learn somthing new on this forum every day
  8. M&L2008

    Salsa Dancers & Lessons

    Those are great pictures... Actually a short lesson is all that's needed to get the crowd up and going first and most important is to learn the basic step after wards 3 or 4 shines for free dancing and then with a partner the right and left turns in addition to a cross body lead. That would make for a fun & elegant night of dancing on the most basic level.
  9. M&L2008

    Salsa Dancers & Lessons

    My FI is a proffessional Salsa Instructor he has performed and taught classes at many events oversea and in the states for private events, fund raisers, boat ridres etc...His price is $250 for an 1 hour dance lesson + 1 dance #'r.Optionally they would be able to do additional dance #'rs throughout the whole reception for an additional cost. Lastly Air fare would have to be provided for him and his partner
  10. M&L2008

    Dance Lessons

    Hey Erica, We teach at a studio on 72nd street. Our Group Classes Start Aug 20th thru Oct 8th they run every wed from 7pm to 8pm. It sounds like you guys might need privates becuase of your schedule..... What days are you mostly Free?
  11. M&L2008

    Dance Lessons

    We took a break from teaching for a few months.....just busy with the wedding an all but are back on now. Lauren FI & I loved your slide show, some of your pics are amazing!!!
  12. FYI- For anyone intrested FI is a proffessional dance instructor in SALSA,MERENGE,BACHATA,ETC.... both him and I teach Group Classes, Couples Classes & Privates In NYC & NJ. Special Prices Available for DWB.....
  13. Great Pics, Reminds me of why we picked Dreams