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Happy Birthday TA Jill!

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Jill give us details on the cake! LOL! The rest of us Losers want to know! We'll live vicariously through you!

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Well, I told him I wanted a cake with sweet frosting, I don't like the whipped cream frosting, I like the really sugary sweet stuff, lol!


So he picked a cake and asked the person at the bakery if it was the sweet frosting, they looked at it and said yes. It had tons of frosting on it and oreos cookies, lol!


He put it down on the table and told me about talking to the bakery person to find out about the frosting, I took one look at the cake and said "I think thats whipped frosting" and sure enough it was.


It was still really good though, chocolate inside. But it's going away tomorrow.


I want the damn carrot, hahaha!

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