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Post your OOT Bag Photos!

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I recently ordered my OOT bags from vistaprint using a couple groupons that I had bought a while back. I LOVE how they turned out. I got the medium size bags..including shipping and the cost of my groupons, I spent $45 on 25 of these. The printing on them is exactly what I wanted, all i did was upload one of the logos I had made by Aylee Bits..they say cancun mexico 12.1.12. Sorry for the crappy cell pic but thought I should share!!


You got 25 of these for $45!!! That's insane!! They look terrific, and the quality looks pretty decent too. 

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I have started to create my OOT bags. I will post my first step, ironing on the decal, here and will update with more pictures! They are coming together really nicely! Printed onto the iron-on sheets, cut out around the palm trees. Ironed onto Bag!


I will have wording to iron on this weekend, and then I will post some of the items I am going to put in them! I am really excited about them!


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