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  1. I have 2 questions for previous Now Sapphire brides. 1) Did you tip Anel or Ramon? And if so, about how much is appropriate? I have no idea what proper etiquette is for something like this. 3) Did you have your dress steamed by the resort? Thanks in advance for any info!!
  2. This is driving me nuts too! And even though the dinner options do have a little bit of a description, it's not much. I've asked more than once if she could describe the "Beef Tournedos Duo" and this is a direct quote of her response, " THE BEEF TOURNEDOS DUO IS A DUO OF BEEF" Seriously?? And she told me that because we are offering the guests a choice that we would have to give her a seating plan, but I assumed that she meant who will be at what tables. We don't have to actually do assigned seating for every table, right??
  3. After months of searching, here are the dresses that we finally decided on. Not at ALL what I actually wanted, but I can't deny that they are beautiful dresses.
  4. I've booked Marvin from Maya Floral. So far everything seems great! Flowers are kind of important to me and 1) the prices that the resort is charging are absurd for what you get 2) there isn't a very large selection 3) I don't like that you aren't actually communicating with the florist, but rather Anel (whose communication lines can be a bit frustrating) who is then telling the florist what you want - I just think there is a lot of room of misinterpretation. Marvin is VERY willing to work with what you want, and if you don't see something that you like just tell him what you are looking for and he'll make samples and send you pictures. This is the bouquet that I am getting (with a white ribbon) and these are the centerpieces, but there will be a touch of blue instead of green. I am still waiting on the bridesmaid bouquet sample.
  5. Congratulations to you and your daughter! And best of luck on her boards. I passed the boards last February, and I've been doing nothing but wedding planning (and working of course) ever since!!
  6. Show us your wedding dress!
  7. I haven't heard this, but if you get any conformation about this will you let me know!!! I'm looking into outside hair and makeup, and I would LOVE to not have to pay that stupid fee................
  8. You can't alter the packages in that you can't substitute things, or take the "cost" of something that you might not use and apply it to the cost of something else. But it you don't want to have the cocktail hour, so that you don't have to pay the additional $$ for that over the 25, you have that option. Hope that helps a bit.
  9. So, in talking with other brides on here (going back a few months) this is how I understand the +tax and + service charge regarding the package. The package has an additional 11% tax on (but I don't believe that there is an additional service charge) and each additional guest for the cocktail hour/dinner has an 11% tax and 15% service charge, the same holds for the cake for each additional person and the champagne toast if you choose to have one. So, I'm not sure what package you are doing, but if you were doing the cocktail hour and then the Eternity Dinner with a toast and wedding cake the total cost per person would actually be: $89 (toast, cocktail hour cocktails, cocktail hour hors d'oeuvres, dinner, wedding cake) + $23.14 = $112.14/person over 25 people. If you did all of the same but the Divine Dinner the total additional cost would be $118.44/person over 25 people. One way that we are going to try and save some $$ is by not doing the cocktail hour. Our thinking is 1) it is an all-inclusive, if people want to have a drink and snack before dinner they can simply go to one of the bars and get those things for free 2) by doing this we'll save $37.80/person over 25 people....................................
  10. I asked about the buffet option and it is $48, plus service charge, plus tax. That is the price for just the buffet though, if you want the cocktail hour you would have to add on the price of that to get the actual "per person" charge. You also have to have a minimum of 50 people. I'll try to attach the menus that Anel forwarded me. International Buffet.pdf Italian Buffet.pdf Mexican Buffet.pdf Oriental Buffet.pdf Spanish Buffet.pdf
  11. I was told 2 meal options plus the veg option, but I wouldn't put anything on my invitations until you confirmed it with your WC. The webinar was back in February, so maybe things have changed since then...............................
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