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Receptions at the RIU??

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Hi! I read that you got married at the Santa Fe! That's great! I'm planning on wedding there Sept. 09. Do you know what the difference is between the Palace and the Santa Fe Gazebo? I have been in communication with both WC, but Palace's Daniela seems to respond quicker than Santa Fe's Paola. Do you have a copy of the extra ammenities and prices for the Santa Fe. I wanted fireworks and firedancers, wich the palace offers. Haven't heard back from Santa Fe about these extras.


Great Review!! You have helped out trememdously!

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I am gettingg married on July 23. Our ceremony is in the Gazebo, our cocktail in the English Terrace and our reception in the ballroom. We are hiring Oxten to redecorate the ballroom. Daniela is not very warm. However, just make sure you constantly keep on top of her and save/print your emails.

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Yes, I do for the RIU Palace! This is what she just sent me.

I hope they attached

If not......




Trio per 45 min(Mexican Music-Spanish) per hr$470.00usd

Trio per45 min (Romantic Music with guitars-English) per hr $470.00 usd

Mariachi per 45 min $620.00 usd

Violinist per45 min$470.00 usd

Flutist per 45 min$470.00 usd

Guitarrist (45min)$470.00 usd

Pianist per 1 hr $320.00 usd

Classical music (trio guitar, violin & flout) per hr$620.00 us



Package 1- Includes Audio System (per hour) $110.00usd

Package 2-Includes Audio System & Lightning (perhour)$250.00usd

Package 3-Includes Audio System,Lightning,Projection & Video(p/ hour)$350.00usd



1 hr include 80 printed pictures with leather album $470.00us

Extra hr included 80printed picture more $320.00us



Video (3 cameras HDV format (one fixe cam; one on the crane and one mobile shoulder or steady cam) $700.00 usd

Extra hour (DVD Format) $ 450.00 usd


Private Event Menus

From $32.00 to $52.00usd per person



From $14.00us to 18.00 usd per person (less than 30persons site fee$300us)


Cake $6.00 per person


Open bar

Domestic drinks $15.00us per hr per person (not less than 20 persons)


Sparkling Wine $ 25.00us


Flowers extras

Natural flowers Arch $570.00us

Brideâ€s Bouquet (20 flowers)$90 us (depending on the flowers)

Bride Maids Bouquet (10 flowers)$70.00us

Girl Bouquet(6flowers)$55.00usd

Boutonniere$30.00 us

Corsage $40.00 us

Flower arrangements (each)$60 or 90.00 us

Roses or Natural flowers$10.00 usd

Petal Bag$30 us each

Flower table centerpiece $45.00 us (depending on the flowers & sizes)

Flowers for the cake$10.00 us (per 2 flowers)

Orquids (colorful orquid) $50USD each

Tulip & orquids $ depends on the season

Note: Tulips and orquids or colorful calla lilies need to be request 10 days prior to the wedding.


Site Fee

Baja Norte, English Garde, Baja Sur, Beach, don Julio´s Terrace (Private areas) $500.00 us (private party) + menu from $32 to $52 us per person

Mexican Restaurant or Steak House Terrace (Don Julio´s) as private*:

$500us (for the second seating- 8:00-11:00pm) or $1000 (if we close it from 6:30 until 11:00pm- Mexican Restaurant or 7:00-11:00pm Steak House Restaurant)

Mexican Restaurant (close it as private)* $1800.00us.


* Note: fee includes the regular menu & regular drinks of the restaurant.


Day pass

$75.00 us per person per day


Fire dancers

2 dancers, cd y 1 musician (15min)$ 720.00 usd

2 dancers & Live (15min)$ 1020.00 usd

3 dancers & Live music(20min)$ 1150.00 usd


Prehispanic dancers (45min)$1020.00 usd

(included fire dance & regional dances from Mexico)


Fireworks 1 minute 30 seconds$1550.00us

2 minute 30 second$1840.00us

3 minute 30 seconds$2230.00us

4 minute 30 seconds $2760.00us

Sparkles 2 inches (45cm) $ 4.00 usd

Note: The fireworks are multicolor (the minimum is a minute and a half). Be advice, I need that you confirm this to me 15 days prior to the day of the event. If you cancel them 1 week prior I will charge the half of the cost and if you canceled them the same day or 1 day prior I charge all the cost.










Prices are subject to change without notice... (2009 will change for sure)







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Has anyone had the semi-private reception at the Steakhouse?? What is this like? After reading these posts, I realize I was under the wrong impression for private dinners....I'm booked for a semi-provate reception, and I just want to know how it is...

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Hi... I ended up booking the entire San Jose restaurant for our reception... I didnt like the idea of other guests sitting next to my group. I dont think any other girls have done this before on this site, but if they have please let me know how it worked out for you!

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