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  1. I did the same thing with the Riu and got the same response. I went there 5 months before my wedding to try to get a lot done and it was basically a waste. She was to interested in my wedding, but like everyone else said maybe it was because Daniela from Riu was just really busy and my wedding was still a while away. I too wanted to do a tasting and didn't get it either.
  2. A&P08

    Mango Photography?

    They are great and their prices are even better.
  3. They don't do bonfires.
  4. The reception was in the ballroom. I had 7 round tables and about 62 guests.
  5. My rehearsal was at the San Jose. You will like it there. It is very nice.
  6. A&P08

    Riu Palace Brides -

    Choose the San Jose because the Spa Gazebo is practially on top of the Riu Santa Fe pool and people might be loud and obnoxious.
  7. In the San Jose Restaurent you can reserve the terrace for a private event. However, I believe it is $500 to reserve for a private event. If you do not reserve for a private event you will be eating with other people. We did the rehearsal at the San Jose and it was not private. So we did have other people eating on the terrace with us. As per the dance floor. If you do reserve it for a private event there is a little area on the side of the restaurant that you can use for dancing. The steak house restaurant is very nice and even though there are people eating at the steak house restaurant they enclose a space for you and your guests. The steak house restaurant is in the middle of the hotel. They use this area as a buffet area for breakfast and lunch. There is a club called Pasha that opens at 11:00, so your guests can just head to the club after dinner.
  8. You might find that there may not be enough space for dancing. It is very pretty out there, but I am not sure about the dancing.
  9. A&P08

    Suzanne Morel - few questions

    I ran into the same problem with Suzanne. My mother-in-law, mom and I took a cab to her office/salon. It is close by. It is not very big, but it is cute. It is right behind the office depot. It was fine and trust me when I say she pays close attention to every detail. Her and her assistants were great. They drove us back.
  10. I just posted pics on Riu Palace Very Long thread.
  11. We went over the top and had firedancers, fireworks and hired decorators to redecorate the entire room. Flowers- $2,000 (8 girls bouquets and groomsmen orchids, 7 beautiful and big centerpieces and a sweetheart table. Two roses for father-in-law and Dad. Two corsages for mother-in-law and mom. Photographer- $4,000 Videograpther-$1500 Hair and makeup-$ 100 and up.. I am not sure the exact price, but I know it was over $100 and under $200. My bridesmaids did their own hair and makeup. It was worth spending the money. Oxten-Decorators- $8,000-9,000 and it was all well worth it. The total for the Riu was around $10,000. That included the food for cocktail and reception for 60 people, liquor, ceremony and champaigne to toast, firedancers, fireworks, the trio for the ceremony, decoration at ceremony, bouquet and boutinniere. So again we went over the top, but it was all worth it and I wouldn't change anything about the wedding.
  12. I just posted a thread on the Riu Palace and wanted to share some pics. Let me know if you are able to open this link. If so, I will send more pics. These are pics of our rehearsal dinner and the Mexican Restaurant, fire dancers, the wedding, vacation and fireworks. Kodakgallery.com*Browse Photos http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t28433
  13. A&P08

    Best Month for weather?

    I have been to Cabo in August, April, and July and I have to tell you that July was when I got married and it was hottttt.. I think the best month is April, but if you are limited to those months I would go with June. Good Luck!
  14. Let me know if that worked and if it did I will send more pics.
  15. Kodakgallery.com*Browse Photos