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AUGUST '08 brides!!

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August brides, what have you done/what do you have left? I'm feeling like I am in list mode today. I am sure I'm leaving some important things off.


I've got these booked/done:

wedding website

Resort room block

Ceremony & reception location

Dress bought (should arrive next week! paid in full already, only owe on alterations, god i hope i dont need much)

Airfare taken care of



STDs done and sent

Pre-cana DONE! (just one more meeting with our priest to give him the precana certificate so he can sign off)

Registered for gifts

Booked and fully paid my flowers (destination wedding package--calla bouquet and bout only)

Picked BM attire


In progress:

Formal invitations (we placed our order for proofs today! should have these ordered by next week)

Menu basically picked everything just have to confirm

picked wedding bands for both of us, just have to order them in april/may


To Do:

Book stylist for hair

Need to pick a florist, and centerpieces

Need a DJ

figure out BM gifts

make menus

OOT bags

find a gift for FI's parents (since theyre paying for our wedding)

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I am getting married August 2, 2008, I guess you would say that I am a little ahead of the game. We have finished a lot so far.




Booked Location

Met with Pastor

Booked/blocked rooms at hotel

Made and sent save the dates

Booked photographer, hair/makeup, videographer, band/dj, rentals, TTD Photographer(in Hawaii), Cake, Flowers, Honeymoon condo

Have my dress/shoes/jewerly/vail/under garments

Order BM's Dresses

Bought GM's Shirts

Wedding Website

Made all arrangements with Location incl. food with (ceremony/reception)

Have date for Bachelorette weekend

Have BM's Gifts (DIY Project)

Have Sand Ceremony Small Vases

Programs (DIY)

Decorations (DIY)

OOT Bags (DIY)


Left to do:

Order wedding bands (already have them picked out)

Finalize invitation order

Order FI's Suit

Get GM'S Gift

Get Parent's Gifts

Get Fi's wedding Gift

Get Sand Ceremony Large Vase

Get Honeymoon Plan Tickets

Make my DIY Bouquet


Last but not least:

Take our engagement pictures (that have been canceled due to weather 8 times)


I feel very accomplished so far and very excited!!!!

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Hello fellow August Brides! (And Maura, my wedding day twin!)


I have (don't laugh) a 102-item to do list. Currently I've got 29 done and have the remaining 73 to go. If you want to see it, PM me and I'll e-mail you a copy.


Big things that are Done!!

Hotel is booked

Deposits for rooms for us and family are paid

Flights (me and FIs) are arranged

Dress is purchased

Veil is purchased

Shoes are purchased

FI's suit is purchased

STDs are out

Bouquet and hair flowers ordered

Bestest girlfriends have all been told to wear pink ("unofficial bridesmaids")

Neices dresses are ordered ("unofficial flower girls")

Honeymoon is booked

Registry is done

Thank you cards are in hand

Big things left to do:

Finalize menus

Finalize ceremony and reception decor (mostly flowers and chair bows)

Arrange photog (to do in the next 2 days)

Sort out music (iPod vs. DJ)

Book hair appointments

Dress fittings

Arrange welcome dinner and activities for day before

Arrange transfers to hotel for family

Finalize design for formal invites (boarding passes)

OOT bags

Arrange at home reception

Do something about announcements

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i need to do ceremony programs too. censored.gif forgot about that.


we havent paid for our stay pre-wedding or honeymoon yet.


should get my invitation final proofs back today or monday and will post those asap. got a call from my bank's fraud protection unit (haha) today because of the number of large purchases i put on my debit card this week to pay off wedding stuff. i asked them to please put a note on my account that there will be a number of large purchases between now and august because of our wedding, and that im monitoring my account daily to make sure i know the charges that have gone through and whatever. the lady was like "wow youre really on top of things" and i said "you have no idea, you should see my TO DO list"

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woot.gif i ordered my invitations today! another thing to scratch off my list!!!!!

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just got a confirmation email today that my invitations shipped! we got our proofs yesterday for our invitations in spanish and sent the corrections back today. i ordered my veil 2 days ago, and paid off my civil ceremony dress yesterday.


what have all of you been up to? only 4 months left! i can hardly believe it.

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I booked my photographer. Bought my shoes, ordered the dresses for the nieces, shirts for the nephews and the dads/brothers. Bought FI's suit and ordered my bouquet Not bad, really.


Now I'm just trying to find a house!

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OMG i just noticed my own ticker. 4 mos from TODAY i'll be a bride in cabo!

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Originally Posted by Maura View Post
OMG i just noticed my own ticker. 4 mos from TODAY i'll be a bride in cabo!
I just got the chills for you! How exciting.

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