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Help with ROR Table Sizes!!!

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Someone mentioned that the measurements for the plantation tables are the following:


6 person table - 66x33

8 person table - 99x33


When I went to go and have my runners made, I gave him the above measurements and the guy looked at me like i was crazy! He said that if the table is 6 feet long, than the runners would need to be 72 inches. Do any of you guys know if these measurements are correct. I just want to double check before I have my runners made.


Thanks in advance!!

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Originally Posted by md_ocr View Post
what about the cake table or the guestbook table? Are they both 32 inches as well? I want to make sure that I order enough runners for all the tables that I will need.

Another question for previous ROR Brides, did the resort provide the cake plateau stand?
Yes, they bring the cake out with everything you need. All the tables are the same size (32") & they just move them together - FYI.
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I second all the tables are the same size. I saw a large wedding party at dinner and they had a LONG table that everyone was sitting at. I cant think where they would do a seagrape reception. But I do know they will push tables together and it could be long. ALso they brought our cake just on a plate and had the knives etc for us to use. We didn't do a guest book because we only had one other couple with us.

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