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St Thomas Review-- Long

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#1 S2BLennon

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    Posted 09 March 2008 - 11:06 PM

    I'm back from our cruise vacation where we got the chance to visit St Thomas for all of 8 fun filled hours! And they were well spent let me tell you! Fi and I visited with the wedding coordinator Angela who brought us to the Frenchman's and the Sugar Bay resorts, and then to Megan's bay to see what we wanted to do for our wedding!

    So the planning is officially underway - and I feel SO much better now that we were able to meet with people and actually see the locations we had to choose from! I think it makes such a big difference. I took a ton of pics of both resorts so if anyone is in need / has a question just PM me!

    So here it is: Angela the wedding coordinator is great! We were escorted around by her father who kept my FI informed about all the history and the sights on the island. We felt like we were a part of something.

    First we went to the Whyndham Sugar Bay. It was a nice resort, but I felt like we had to drive through a lot of depressed area's of the island to arrive and that it was a bit off the beaten path. They recently refurbished the main lobby which was beautiful and open aired, but the actual rooms were so spread out and a walk from one end to the other. You have to go outside to get to all the rooms as they all have decks. So the lobby is not attached to the actual rooms if that makes sense. They are only done refurbishing a portion of the rooms. WE saw the various locations for the receptions, the veranda's are beautiful, one you have to walk through the casino and is off the main public resteraunt( this is the only one you can have food at) it is covered and a wonderful view! Then there is the veranda with the gazebo on it, it is larger, no food since it is too far from the kitchen... For the cost, you look to the right and the left all you see is a concrete roof, they only have a small section finished and gated off, which you can easily see. I think that the smaller veranda off the casino was prettier! There is one resteraunt on the main enterance. You have to get a shuttle to go to the pool and the beach. Which is not such a bad thing, just that I was expecting something more tropical and it was more like a pool that I can see at a hotel in Florida. Yet I have to say, there was a pretty cool rock wall with a waterfall to sit by. The beach that they have is pretty far away from any other beaches. They do have their own water sports. The beach for a wedding is very small and they can't guarantee that the other guests will not be around. You have to walk through the pool area to get to the beach. Nice, but not what I expected. The resteraunt at the pool area is closed and will be reopening sometime next year. They do offer AI but I don't think that it is worth it since it costs $200 extra per person per day, and I don't think that there was that much worth of food you would want to eat on the property in a day, never mind a week! You would have to rent a car / get a taxi anywhere you went and like I said it didn't appear to have been a resort that was easily accessable / part of anything in the "hub". Don't get me wrong- it would be a wonderful place if you are looking to go there and not really leave for a week, they have everything there.. We are looking to experience more while we are on the island so we are opting to stay at the Frenchman's Marroitt.

    So here is the review for the Frenchman's Marriott-- LOVED IT! CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK! The Second we walked into the main lobby we both looked at one another and knew that this was where we wanted to host our wedding away! it is perfect, has open air concept, all newly refurbished and there is such a buzz going on. The decor is tropical and Euro all in one. There are a few places to eat, a great large and winding pool with a swim up bar, a waterfall and a bridge. There is a full spa and fitness area. The scenery is amazing. You can walk down this boardwalk type of area to sunbathe alone if you don't want to be with people at the pool. They have a private dock with water taxi's for $6 per person to take you to the center of town. Cheap and fun, much more accessable to come and go for guests. They have a mile long beach area and it has plenty of water sports. The location they use for the weddings on the beach is a small cove type area by the boardwalk, but I think it is quaint. There are rocks in that area. the main beach which is a stone's throw away is not rocky though. very picturesque. The Gazebo is also beautiful. You can see the water but can't touch it.
    there are villa's and also hotel rooms for accomodations.

    Then we went to Megan's Bay, it was a bit crowded, i guess after watching the travel channel I thought that it would be a bit more secluded. There is nothing like the color of the water and the scenery though! Angela showed us where the ceremony would take place between the palm trees and how it would be conducted. There are also covered pavillions that can be used for a reception, although we will not be going that route, it would be for a truely relaxed beach wedding.

    All in all the roads and the taxi drivers are CRAZY!! the scenery is BEAUTIFUL! The people are friendly - Life is good- how can you go wrong having a wedding there?!

    I hope this helps everyone planning or thinking of planning a St Thomas wedding!

    Click the image to open in full size.

    #2 LadyP

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      Posted 09 March 2008 - 11:11 PM

      thank you for the review it helps me alittle bit more with teh hotel visuals.

      #3 Yari

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        Posted 10 March 2008 - 12:16 AM

        Great review!! Welcome back.

        #4 tlomlad

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          Posted 10 March 2008 - 12:49 AM

          great reviw your hotel looks awesome!

          #5 PenMarie

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            Posted 10 March 2008 - 07:53 AM

            Great review, Kim!...and beautiful pics of your hotel and Megan's Bay.

            In case we end up not going the villa route, can you tell me if your hotel is an all inclusive, as we weren't looking to go that way. I'm going to do some more research on Frenchman's Marriott since you liked it so much. Thanks again for all the great info! Also, do you know if the hotel has a wedding consultant on staff?

            #6 S2BLennon

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              Posted 11 March 2008 - 11:57 PM

              SO it appears that most people think the resort weddings are more expensive, is that true? I thought everything was pretty comparable since there was not much AI avail on St Thomas. I am rethinking having the reception at Marroitt if it is going to cost me an arm and a leg! Then again maybe not, I really loved it there!

              #7 shelleyf

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                Posted 12 March 2008 - 12:41 AM

                We fell in love with St Thomas when we were there too! Did you happen to visit the bar on the beach at Megan's Bay? We couldnt see straight after that bartender served us for an hour

                I was thinking of the Marriott for my HM...but is there a beach that you can walk to? Or do most of the resorts have rocks and cliffs?

                #8 S2BLennon

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                  Posted 12 March 2008 - 12:57 AM

                  I did go to that bar! But I had to hike it back to a cruise ship so I was not that bad! I wish I was though because the safari ride back was scary!

                  the Marriott is rocky as you walk down the boardwalk, but then it opens up to a pretty long and sandy beach. It is GREAT! I love that it is rocky and the waves crash along the walkway, but then there is a real beach also.

                  Check out my web-site, i have a photo album of the pics I took of the resort. Hope this helps!

                  #9 mdw2dtw

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                    Posted 12 March 2008 - 02:16 AM


                    I just looked at your photos. Thanks. The Marriott looks great. Do you know if St. Thomas has any great excursions? Everything I have read about St. Thomas makes it seem like getting around the island to explore it is expensive (taxis, car rental). You mentioned a $6 water taxi. Is that one way, just from the cruise ship to the shopping district?

                    #10 shelleyf

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                      Posted 12 March 2008 - 11:36 PM

                      Just checked out the pics on your website...I love them!

                      My mind is definitely made up - Thats where we are going for sure! THANKS!!!

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