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    Who had been to Hershey Park?

    We just went last Wednesday and had a great time! I highly recommend Fehrenheit, but maybe try to go when you first get into the park to try to cut down on the line -- I think we waited 1 1/2 hours, which I wish wasn't so long. I just watched a show on Discovery, I think it was, which said Fehrenheight had the steepest drop of any coaster -- meaning, instead of going straight down at 90 degrees, it goes down at 97 degrees -- so it's actually going straight down and back in a bit...great ride!! I also really like the one wooden coaster called Lightning Racer -- it didn't tend to whip your neck around as much as the other wooden coaster towards the back of the park. I wanted to get on Sidewinder and Storm Runner -- my neice was game for Storm Runner, but my nephew said "uh uh" to both...ha! We went in and went straight to the back to try to avoid the crowds and hit a few rides before the lines got long. We were able to get on Lightning Racer in the middle of the day a few times in a row with no line. If anyone here has never been to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH (about 30 minutes west of Cleveland), I highly, highly recommend it. They've got more roller coasters there than any other amusement park, I believe -- and while Hershey is a lot of fun, I've "stood" next to coasters at Cedar Point that brought tears to my eyes. My favorite there is the Raptor (feet dangling coaster) -- you come down off the first incline and it looks like you're going to go right into the lake....front seat is the BEST for this one...oooooooops, sorry to hijack. Have a GREAT time at Hershey Park!!...we live about 45 minutes from there, and the weather is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous this weekend!!
  2. PenMarie

    A vent~ and I guess a little funny

    That's just TOO CUTE!! -- I couldn't stay mad at him either...he sounds very sweet!
  3. PenMarie

    Who is watching the Olympics?...

    Quote: Originally Posted by luckygirl On a positive note: GO MICHAEL PHELPS!!!! WHEW WHEW MARYLAND BMORE AREA!!!!! GO TOWSON!!! luckygirl, I work in Towson...I remember about a year or so ago when they had the parade go through town for Michael, everyone put ribbons on their outside doors, and County Exec Jim Smith proclaimed it Michael Phelps Day!!!....how cool to have someone w/that kind of talent right here where we are! I can imagine Towson is gonna EXPLODE when Michael gets back to town!
  4. BREATHTAKING -- the dress looks amazing on you!!...WOW!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan Oh, i totally want to go. I'd have to fly though. And I was invited to a wedding in Ohio a few weeks after that I'm not going to. So it would be completely wrong of me to still make a trip to Ohio to see ferrets. Is there another ferret bash later? That would be awesome if BDW club ferret had their first annual meeting. Erin and Morgan-- yes, anyone can attend an AFA-sanctioned ferret show...everyone is welcome, even if you don't have ferrets. The Ohio show is a 7-hour drive for me one way -- FI usually stays behind to watch our guys, and I only take two along to show since I'm judging the specialties the whole day...just too far and expensive for me to go this year, unfortunately -- and w/my guys getting so old and not being able to be vaccinated for shows, I just can't justify going if I can't show, too. Here's a link to the remaining AFA shows for 2008 American Ferret Association: Ferret Shows & Events Too bad you couldn't coordinate your friend's wedding with the show and meet up with Erin for the Columbus show, Morgan -- it really is a great show...ferret breeders, ferret shelters, and lots of great ferret vendors, too. There are usually about 400+ ferrets at this show and our home show in York, PA...very cool!! And at the Columbus show you'd be able to see your FIRST ferret dress-up live -- as they usually have a costume contest while the real competitions are going on throughout the day.
  6. PenMarie

    St Thomas bride update....ROLL CALL

    Quote: Originally Posted by MichelleK Hello Ladies! It took me a while to get my username and password to work, so now I can finally post something! 1. Name-Michelle 2. Where are you from- White Marsh, Maryland 3. Where are you getting married in St Thomas- Marriott Frenchman's Reef 4. When are you getting married-December 13, 2008 5. who is you WC-Laura, from the resort Small world, Michelle...I work in Towson, MD, about 10 minutes from White Marsh -- have lived in Pennsylvania since 1981 and always commutted to MD for work. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
  7. naaaaaa....believe me, these silly guys make us laugh just as much as everyone here. One of the largest ferret shows of the year is coming up at the end of August -- the Ferret Buckeye Bash in Columbus, OH (it's the one that's in the PBS special). This will be the first show I've missed in 6 years, so I'm kind of bummed -- all but 2 of my babies are too old to vaccinate anymore so I probably won't be showing much after this year....can't wait to see any pics you guys come up with after this show.
  8. hahaha, Morgan...I told my breeder 'cause the "weed ferret" pic from a while ago that I knew is a ferret from one of her breedings....trust me, the ferret people would LOVE this thread!!....we all know we're slightly weird and HAVE to laugh at ourselves, too...hehe
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by becks Nibblet's friend Charlie... in drag... again! Hey, Becks, I know this girl, too. Her name is Sara, and she lives out in Washington state...not sure which of her ferrets she has dressed up there. She actually just emailed me yesterday to order a playpen hammock hanger my FI makes for the playpens we all use for our ferrets at the ferret shows...small world.
  10. that's such sad news to hear about Beate, Tammy...that poor little baby girl. As the others have said, the thank you card the shelter sent was very sweet....I'm just so sorry to hear she didn't make it -- I hope Beate is resting peacefully.
  11. PenMarie

    I hate confrontation

    I didn't read all the responses yet, however, I did read and agree 100% with Maura. I also think your fiance was dead on when he said this girl talking to you by yourself was a power play on her part. First, you sound like a very sweet person. Unfortunately, this whench sees this and can most likely tell from your actions that you hate confrontation -- she's using this against you to bully you and make you feel like crap. Just listening to your story where she turned it around to be BOTH of your problems and you were standing there sobbing and she's still bashing you...oh, that made my blood boil --- she's lucky it wasn't me she was talking to or her teeth would have been down her throat and I'd have been fired and probably in jail. Most importantly, this person IS making your work environment one in which you feel threatened and unsafe --- this is unacceptable, and your employer should in NO WAY, shape or form allow this to continue. I'd do what Maura said and make sure you use "key" terms if you decide to go the email route --- and, nope, I don't believe I'd cc this Mary either. Someone mentioned getting Becks input on this as well, since she's in HR -- good idea...between her, Maura, and the other girls, I hope you'll be able to set this little B**TCH straight!! I'm sorry you have to deal with an ass like this -- with some people, the only way they can make themselves feel good is to belittle others and make them feel like crap...people like this need to be knocked down a notch. I hope she gets exactly what's coming to her!
  12. wow, this is hard -- they're both beautiful dresses. I voted for #1 -- love the mid-section of the dress, and really like the back and just the overall cut of the dress; not big on the applique at first, but I think it'll look nice once the dress is fitted and pressed. Dress #2 -- really love the front and the back of the dress; the cut and the lack of any embellishments on the front bottom half of the dress I think make it a tad more plain if that's what you prefer.
  13. PenMarie

    My little hedgie passed away

    I know exactly how you feel, Shay -- we think of our ferrets and our puppy as our babies, and it's devastating when one of them leaves us. I love the picture you posted of Harrison -- how precious was he!! I'm so sorry for your loss, and pray he's resting peacefully.
  14. PenMarie

    What do you feed your dogs??

    Innova EVO dog (chicken) Grain-Free Dog Food, Cat Food, Ferret Food & Dog Treats – Meat-Based Pet Food – EVO Pet Products We also use this in our mix for the ferrets...the EVO ferret food is a too rich and little too high in protein for our older ferrets.
  15. PenMarie

    What do you feed your dogs??

    Innova EVO dog (chicken) [url="http://www.evopet.com/[/url] We also use this in our mix for the ferrets...the EVO ferret food is a too rich and little too high in protein for our older ferrets.