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The BDW Biggest Loser Club - Season 1

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OK girls, I just sent my weigh in to Ann and I gained 2.8 lbs this week. I didn't have a chance to weigh myself this morning so I'm hoping the gain is purely because it is at the end of the day. However, I haven't worked out all week and haven't been eating so well so I can't say I'm surprised. I just need to get my butt in gear this week. All of you are doing so well, and it is so great to hear the tips.

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Ok, ladies ... it seems as we progress, we're getting a little lazy on sending in the wieghts! Don't make me come find you! lol


I am still missing from the following people ...


cessyboston (Erica)

JamaicaBride062108 (Erin)

Raeka (Mel)


shelleyf (Shelley)

tvt (Tara)


I know that a couple of you have said they're on the way ... so no problem! I will post the overall results tomorrow.

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Oh, I got it ... and I have good news, and bad news. The bad news is that your memory is off, the good news is you actually lost this week! lol I responded to your email.

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uggg i gained 3lb so gross so i have to take a deep breath and get on track...this weigh in was not my friend i went to new york and its so hard to stay focused and then on top of it i have my friend....ugg so maybe next weigh in will be big ann i have to wait for donnie to upload the pics as you know my email is gone but i promise i will give it tonight but no worries ladies i am on the bottom of the list uggg....

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Erica, you had a tough week being in NY and all. Don't worry, I know you are so good about focusing, you can do it, get yourself back on track for this week.

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You all are such motivation for me!!! I THANK YOU!!!


For a long time, I felt so bloated that I never thought I would lose any weight and just "accepted" my appearance. Then when we decided to renew our vows last year, and knew I had to start with a clean slate to turn my life around. So, I did some research and started a colon cleanse and detox program.


During the detox, I began working out, eating healthier meals, drinking tons of water, and cut out SOME of the really unhealthy snacks and cut down on the love of my life....chocolate (MMMMM.....Snickers).


Like Sarah mentioned, I cannot do diets either (and I have tried so many), because I fall of the wagon and lose focus and have to start from square one.


I am now cooking healthier meals for my family and reading the food labels while shopping. Instead of looking at this as a temporary weight loss "contest", I think of longevity and the quality of life we will all have!


You ladies are the bestsmile159.gif!!! Keep motivating and encouraging one another!



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And the results are in ... well, most of them! lol



Accouncing ... this week's winner ....



  1. Dbell (Deitra)-3.636%

  2. Nrvsbride (Glenda)-3.009%
  3. amyh-2.857%
  4. sarah-1.630%
  5. froggie1013 (Kristy)-1.621%
  6. gkashmira (Kash)-0.660%
  7. Yari-0.483%
  8. LMP333 (Leslie)-0.481%
  9. chprfan (Jessica)-0.387%
  10. jilly76-0.355%
  11. Saraha-0.351%
  12. Raeka (Mel)0.000%
  13. JamaicaBride062108 (Erin)0.353%
  14. nueland (Nicole)0.366%
  15. beachbride08 (Michelle)1.583%
  16. alyssa1.679%
  17. cessyboston (Erica) <didn't receive anything>
  18. shelleyf (Shelley)<didn't receive anything>
  19. tvt (Tara) <didn't receive anything>

Also, I wanted to share a few more statictis with you. Some of these #s are off because I haven't received all weigh-ins for this week, and haven't received anything from tvt (Tara) for a few weeks now. So for now, I've marked them all as staying the same weight.




Total lbs. lost: 101.3 (-0.479%)!!!

Current Overall Leader Nrvsbride (Glenda) -11.347%


Do you want me to post all overall results?



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