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Proposed to in a closet. Yep, a closet!

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I'm going to write the very short version of this story: I came home after a long trip visiting the parents. Needless to say I was exhausted and running around the apt trying to get ready for the week and cook dinner. Darren told me he had something to show me in the closet. I asked if it could wait. He told me it couldn't. So I left the stove on and went into the bedroom. I went inside the closet (btw its not really a walk-in. it's rather small) and just kind of looked at him aimlessly. He started talking (sort of babbling) about how his dad proposed to his mom 40 years ago this week in a closet. At this point I am thinking: Is this really happening? Is he really going to propose in this closet? On a Sunday night? Then I tuned back in and he was talking about how his parents have had this amazing relationship and how great it would be for us to start off the same way. It was then that he reached into his pocket and got down on his knee and I just sort of lost it. The rest is actually a little blurry. But I do know that the fire alarm went off in the kitchen so I must have left the sauce simmering for quite a while. :)


While it was far from the moonlit proposal that Hollywood taught me about I wouldn't change a thing about it. It was unprecedented in sweetness and simplicity and for that I am smitten forever.

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