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Paradisus Riviera Brides - POST HERE!

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Thanks!  I agree with you, I think both locations will be beautiful!  I've seen some pictures of the Beach terrace too and really liked the set up.  Thanks for your suggestion on timing too and I think we'll probably go with.  We're only doing a symbolic ceremony so they said that only takes 20-30 mins.  Also, by doing it later, our guests will still have a full day to enjoy at the resort.  I was worried about having a later dinner but you're right, we'll have apps at the cocktail that ppl can munch on :)

Originally Posted by 82turtles View Post

Congrats on getting it booked LHD!! That's so exciting! smile123.gif


I keep going back and forth on the Tequila vs Beach terrace.. FI said he really REALLY liked the beach terrace, and he hasn't had too much of a strong opinion on much at this point, so maybe I'll give this one to him! lol  I'm sure they will both be beautiful, which doesn't help my indecisive mind wink.gif


As for ceremony time, I would agree on pushing it back. That time of year the sun sets at about 7:30 pm, and some general recommendations I've read is to have the ceremony start about 55-65 minutes before sunset (best time for light, etc). Plus saves your guests from sweating it out under the sun!!! I don't think a 6 pm start time would be too late. That means your cocktail hour would likely be 6:30-7:30ish with dinner afterwards, right? Little later start on the dinner, but remember they will have appetizers during the cocktail hour, so that should tide over any hungry folks :)

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Hi Ladies,


So, we finally did it - we're booked for July 29, 2011 at the NOW Sapphire :) We picked the Tequila Terrance to have the reception and cocktail hour and will do the ceremony on the beach just below the terrace.  FI wanted the ceremony on the Terrace too for the privacy but I really wanted it on the beach since we're going all the way to Mexico for the beach!  We picked Tequila Terrace because we heard that it's more private than the Beach Terrace.  Our next step is to pick the time of our ceremony.  We had originally thought to have the ceremony at 4:30 but the WC at NOW told our WC that it's still going to be very hot at 4:30 in July....they suggested 6 but I'm wondering that it may be too late?  We want to do cocktails and pictures after the ceremony.  Anyone have any thoughts on time of ceremony?




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We aren't getting married until January of 2012..we are actually staying at NOW Sapphire this January (8th-15th) and visiting two other Resorts.  I'll let you know all the details I can get - and get you some pictures.  Just from reading reviews I think I'm really gonna like NOW Sapphire - they (so far) seem to be the Resort that's the most affordable for guests! 


I also have a client that just got married there over Thanksgiving - I'm going to call her this weekend..once I talk to her I'll let you know what she says as well!! 


Did you have a chance to check out 1106wedding's Review?  Her and her FI did a few site visits..she has some nice notes & pics on all the resorts they visited...here is the link in case you haven't seen it..



Don't sweat it..it will be great!!  cheesy.gif

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Hi ladies,

My review of Now Sapphire.

Up and until the day that I had left I had no idea what my wedding was going to look like at all. It is totally true that you really donâ€t iron out the details until the bitter end.

We arrived on Saturday the 4th at 4:30pm and had an appointment to meet with Sandra at 5pm. When we checked in we were surprised by a treat that Sandra had upgraded us to a preferred. We had already purchased a room with Ocean view, however upgrading to the preferred package allowed us; to use the private swimming pool, private beach bar (which everyone seemed to be using also with no issue) access lounge that offers free wifi, access to these canopy style beds that are around the pool. Not too much, but still a nice treat.

We met with Sandra at the lounge and she was amazing. She came in with a bunch of questions that needed to be answered as far as what I wanted to rent and have at the ceremony/reception.

Girls, I suggest you paint a picture in your head of what you want youâ€re wedding to look like. Then what you need to do is find all the different items online, and email them to your co-ordinator. They can get you any item to rent, in any color. Just ask them. Of course there will be a fee, but they can make it happen depending on your budget then you can decide.

At the end of that meeting she literally had drawn out exactly what I wanted (ex: tiki torches, round light up balls, Coned lighting, white modern couches) seating for the cocktail hour and where it was positioned next to the alter. I know a little much, but I am a visual person and I needed it to be laid out.

I finally went to bed with a smile on my face on Saturday night, feeling a sense of relief as everything that I needed was done. Met with my DJ. I went with Doremix (ft dj ivan) After reading Angieâ€s review I was sold on him and he was great. All my cdâ€s were given to the resort or the dj (based on when he got there) and I was feeling settled. Sunday was great, just trying to up my tan by the pool. I gave all the last minute things to Sandra. My cake cutting set, ring pillow made by my mother, flower girl basket, and a bottle of cognac that I had brought as a part of our tradition to be served during the reception.

When sat with Sandra when we were dropping off those items in her office(Sunday), and that was when we signed the contract. She is great. She will go through every charge with you, and you can totally custom tailor it to your needs based on your budget. We also met Victor, who she paged. Victor is the head supervisor for the event catering. He was great; he brought us various drinks to help us decide our signature drink that we would be offering after the ceremony during the cocktail hour. He was awesome!!! Complete pampering guys, you almost feel borderline like a Hollywood star.

Another great thing was that the Tequilla Terrace was complete where my reception would be. However, once our week was up at Now, the whole deck area has been re-done. GIRLS!! MARK MY WORDS, TAKE WEDGE SHOES!!! Do not make the mistake of heels at ALL!!! You will be getting your heels stuck in the openings in the wood, and it will drive you nuts (as it did to some of my guests)

Finally the big day. Did my own make-up, but had the spa do my hair. Ok please use Licette. She is awesome. I donâ€t really have too much to say about the others, but they can do pretty much basic stuff. I would say that Licette would be more in a senior level. Back to the room to get ready. I did not have a wedding party for my wedding, so it was only me and my mom getting ready with my photographer. By the way we used La Luna (Rachel) she has become an indy photographer under Del Sol (credited top 10 in the world) I would highly recommend her, she was absolutely amazing.

They picked me up and drove us with the cart to the buffet where I would need to walk through to get outside. The whole thing was magical. It was the first time I was seeing my alter and the set up when I was walking through the buffet. I was taken aback by the beauty of it. The flags they gave us were not the ones I wanted, but itâ€s weird to say once you are there and you see what your wedding looks like the minor details that others wonâ€t notice become completely obsolete. They did credit us back though.

I did forget to mention we had planned a dinner the night before the wedding as a family to get everyone to get to know each other. We rented out a section of the Mexican restaturant (Fresco) and they put us there with a menu that I had preselected. If anyone will know how to make Mexican food, it would be them and we wanted everyone to enjoy the food. They set up our OOT bags there, and we had amazing service.

FYI, since we didnâ€t use the photographer that was included in the Divine package we were able to get him at our pre-wedding dinner. Which was awesome!

If anyone has any questions from all this just let me know. BTW whoever does theyâ€re wedding there in the next few months is going to see such dramatic changes to the resort. I swear it seems they are working imroving everything around there. Even the terrace looks newer and cleaner and much more modern.


Here are some pics I thought would be useful to some of you.




My wedding day... yes those were rain clouds and I did have rain. BRUTAL. but they were gone in a few hours.




I think this looked nice when it was light out, but looked much better when it was dark as it was all lit up with the torches and the balls








added this pic so you can see the top of the stairs have all be re-done with those x shape wook (like on the right hand side) for my wedding they weren't complete yet, but dont think anyone even noticed.




Finally my sunshine showed up.


then there was just us...





our turquiose drinks




you are probably going to ask yourself why I included this pic. BRIDES!!!! please wear wedge or tell your friends to wear wedge shoes. You will have to go barefoot it you dont. Everyone was falling into the wood grooves. Not fun!! I did 2 times, and almost bit it hard, but tore my dress... again not fun




I have a ton more pics guys so swap me you email and I can send some if you need any




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I'd love to see more pics as well. janice.miriam@gmail.com


btw, did you use the photographer from the resort? did they credit you something back for not using the DJ in the divine package?

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hey ladies,


you can just add me to your facebook to see ALL my pics. Some will be family, so disregard those ones. I have a ton of pics that I also will be getting shortly and will load those on FB also.


you can find me at annette_808@hotmail.com


If you have questions you can email me. I tend to be on email more then this site. I have everything journaled so please feel free to let me know.


for now there is a question about using a photographer. They didn't credit us anything, as it was part of the divine package, but they didn't charge the $300 vendor which was sweet.

Also, since the divine package includes the photog 25 shots on cd, we asked if it would be ok to use them the night before the wedding at the rehersal party to take the pics. Sandra ok'd that.


BTW: SANDRA is absolutely amazing. If you have questions just send them to her and she will email you back. She can also organize a call and she will call you. She is so amazing! and it totally helps to deal with someone like that.


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Originally Posted by babestaaa View Post


I'd love to see more pics as well. janice.miriam@gmail.com


btw, did you use the photographer from the resort? did they credit you something back for not using the DJ in the divine package?



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Yay! Just got my confirmation from Sandra. We are booked for November 12, 2011. So excited!!! Now I get to start actually working on all the wonderful ideas I've been gathering from this forum!! pinkie.gif

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