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  1. These are the shoes that I'm thinking of getting. I wanted to get a heel but then was worried about the sand. http://www.zappos.com/badgley-mischka-lyndee-rose-satin
  2. Congratulations!!! It will be an amazing day
  3. Hi ladies, Just wondering those ladies who got the Divine Package - what food choices did you make?
  4. We had to put down $200 per guest and the deposit is non-refundable so we only put down deposits for guests that are 100% certain they are coming.
  5. I have also purchased my dress and it's from a local designer in Toronto. My dress is very destination wedding - it's light and flowy and very comfortable. I have also purchased my MOH and bridesmaid's dresses - they are wearing charcoal grey convertible dresses. My colours are red and yellow to represent my asian background and FI's colour from his tartan. I will also be bringing real touch flowers with me as the flowers from the resort are so pricey. We have about 30 ppl coming and another 10 who may be coming. I'm still deciding on my invites and whether or not it's worth the time to do them. We are doing OOT bags and so far we have purchased the bags, chapsticks, hand sanitizers, spring water sprays (to keep ppl cool). We are still expecting to get some travel mugs (I really like the Bubba mugs but they are expensive), first aid kits, advil, sunscreen, aloe vera, mosquito spray, etc. We have also confirmed our photographer and after much debate, we decided on bringing our photographer from Toronto. How is everyone's planning?
  6. I'm getting married at the NOW Sapphire Riviera Cancun on July 29, 2011.
  7. Oh that's a great price. I want to get them too but haven't see them go on sale yet. Do you remember what time of year they went on sale?
  8. LHD18

    July 2011 Bride!

    I haven't used them before, we are just in the process of booking our tours/excursions. We want to treat our guests to something.
  9. LHD18

    July 2011 Bride!

    Our WC recommended http://www.lomas-travel.com/tours/index.php . Has anyone used this Company for their tours/excursions?
  10. AmyG, I sent you a couple of documents to your e-mail Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. We're just working on the details of our wedding now.
  11. Hi AmyG, Do you have the Now Sapphire wedding book? They have all the food options in the book. Let me know if you want me to send it to you.
  12. LHD18

    Help- Colors

    When I started thinking about our colours, I had no idea where to start then it just occurred to me one day. I wanted to bring together our cultures, I am Vietnamese/Chinese and my FI has a Scottish background so we wanted to incorporate something from both cultures. FI's family tartan is yellow and black and has a thin red line that runs through the plaid. So, our colours are red and yellow (red for my asian background and yellow is the main colour in FI's tartan). My bridesmaid and MOH will be wearing charcoal grey and their flowers are yellow. My flowers are red and my dress is white. We will use red chair bows and i'm still thinking about table overlays or runners.
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