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centerpiece vase sizes and napkin stuff and placecard stuff

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Sorry to bother you all about such a small details, but...


Flores Julieta in Cancun was able to find turquoise cylinder vases for me!! -

Click the image to open in full size.


My plan is to have 3 of them in equal size on each round table, filled with antorcha:

Click the image to open in full size.


Inspired by this:

Click the image to open in full size.


I'm trying to decide on a good size for the vases where the guests can still see over them but that they look like a real centerpice that is pretty and modern and cool, and not flimsy or cheap. I had thought 7 or 8 inches high by 3.5 inches wide - but I wanted your opinions if you can spare the time. Would they be prettier narrower or wider? Or slightly taller or shorter?


Also, if my wedding coordinator agrees to it, I was thinking of having her wrap the napkins like this, but WITHOUT the sand dollars (unless I can mini-ones, too much work for her - unless I pre-do it somehow?) -

Click the image to open in full size.


Of course, picking a ribbon that matches the vases will be an interesting feat without seeing the vases in real life ha! How do you guys order ribbon onlinehuh.gif


(I'm also planning on have sand-dollar with a ribbon and card with name on it for place cards, following through on my invitation theme (but with a blue that matches the vases), and the raffia hand fans with ribbon tied on the handles.)

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I love red and turquoise together! It will beautiful together. I think that I always prefer shorter centerpieces - I always find it distracting if I can't easily converse with the person across the table. Depending on the volume and height of the flowers - 7 inches may be a bit tall. If the flowers are as round as then appear in the picture - then I think that a shorter, wider vase would be pretty and still add a lot of color to your tables. As for ribbons, I've never been able to Michael's since they almost always have 40% off coupon and frequently have ribbon 1/2 off. Once you add in shipping costs ... Of course - I've never really looked very hard on-line. There have been a number of on-line michael's-type sites mentioned by the girls!


Good luck - I can't wait to see it all come together!

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Originally Posted by nylalany View Post
But if I am having 3 vases - will 3 short wide vases look weird? Man, I need to buy some and try it out I guess sad.gif
Are you having three vases on each table? What about doing varying heights - but still keeping them short enough for guests to be able to see each other?

How big are your tables? (and they are round, right?) ...
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For whatever it is worth when I opened this thread my FI was standing behind me and he immediately said "oh those are cool". Love your napkin ties. Dont think they need to exactly match the vases since the vase is kind of clear with color tint any ribbon close should be fine.

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