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Las Caletas FAQ

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**Las Caletas FAQ**


AnnR: This is Ann ... I decided that this document was so helpful, it deserved it's own thread. If there are any more bits of info. to be added to this document, let's keep it updated. We also have the main Las Caletas thread (http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t1775), which is also helpful, but I wanted to make sure this document was also easy to find.



Frequently Asked Questions.doc

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To all current and future Caletas brides (and grooms!?) - would anyone care to review these documents and let me know if any updates need to be made ... please!


They were created a little while ago, and I want to keep them current. So anything like updated information, new questions/answers to add, etc. Let me know - just post here or send me a PM.

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Originally Posted by ozmatoto View Post
I am getting married at Las Caletas and I would love to read those (I am assuming) super helpful documents but for some reason it wont let me. It says I dont have enough permissions. Does anyone know why that would be? And how I can access those docs?
Originally Posted by nmers View Post
Same here - I'd like to view these too, please.
please take a moment to read the rules. there is a convenient link in my siggy.
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It's 150 posts, not points. :)


This document is somewhat old now, so I'm not sure if it is even beneficial. Hopefully the new brides are able to make changes.


However, I will explain that the FAQs were questions and answers found in the Las Caletas thread. I had just took a bunch of the info and put it into a document so it was earier to view. Until you have enough posts, I would just head over to the Las Caletas thread and look through it or ask all the other brides any questions you may have. Everyone is more than happy to help!

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