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  1. Just got married at LC a couple of weeks ago...will be posting a full review shortly but wanted to contributed my 2 cents re the DJ. I thought he does much better when he is given a playlist to work with at least that was my experience. He is very nice and has a HUGE collection of songs and everything that we asked for he had...even on the fly. Wishing I was in LC right now....
  2. Question: We are getting the DJ, however I was also thinking about getting the tropical trio to play during cocktail hour and dinner. Has anyone gotten the tropical trio? Was it worth it? What did you think?
  3. For some reason the browser makes a difference..had problems on exploxer but not firefox... Â The invitation is printed on metallic paper which will give it that great vintage look. It will measure 5x15 in the end. Basically the shooting stars and the reply card folder over to the middle and our monogram will be on the other side in mettalic gold with a red ribbon. The envelope is red with gold addresses sealed with a wax stamp! So excited...here is the invitation and the monogram...can't wait to get these back from the printer...think my friend did an awesome job on the design. Â Oh, on the monogram I should explain...they are all the things Christopher and I love...our dog, mountains, NYC, Vinyl records, and games.... Â
  4. So excited! My inviations have finally been designed! Here is what they look like with the sample text! Â
  5. Very helpful. My FI is so picky with what he wears and this thread gave us some ideas. Thanks.
  6. I read places that it is good to call the airline ahead of time to let them know that you are traveling for your wedding and will need to have your dress hung up. These way they have it in their records and if there is an opportunity to be bumped up your changes are higher. Good Luck
  7. My future mother in law did DIY pictures for her wedding almost 30 some years ago. Lately we have had seveal occasions like my future father in law retiring, significant birthday ets., where we were looking for those pictures from special events and she has mentioned several times to me that she really wishes she had professional photographer at her wedding. Having said that I also understand about budgets and the wonderful thing about a destination wedding is that there are lots of photographers in your hometown who would love to do a dw and will work with your budget. Like my pjotographer told me "I can do a wedding here anyday of the year but to do it at a destination wedding is a different story and I am willing to negotiate." And he did, There is no way that I would even come close to meeting his regular price but he really wanted to do a DW and was willing to work with our budget! Good luck and be creative!
  8. OK...Save the Dates have gone out and the "under construction" website is up too....it is a work in progress. feel free to check it out at..... theluckywinners.com
  9. Need some advice in regards to babies/children. My initial thought was not to have any children/babies at the ceremony in Las Caletas. I feel that it changes the "party" feel especially on the boat over etc when you have little kids esp. on a boat with a bunch of adults driniking. Plus, since we will not be getting back into the marina until 1 am - it is not a choice to leave when the baby gets tired etc. I am starting to wonder if I am a little to sensitive about these things. Can anyone one tell me what their expereience was? One of my bridesmaids will have her baby in septemeber, so the baby will be 3 months old. She wants to bring the baby to Las Caletas. Any thoughts on having a 3 month old at Las Caletas? I plan on talking to Kelley to see if they can set up a crib etc. but just wanted to here peoples thoughts.....and get some advice.....
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by PhillyBride2011 It's official! We're getting married at Las Caletas on Jan. 16, 2011. Yippy! As of now we're also planning to do the legal ceremony in Mexico. From what I've read, it sounds like the majority of you guys plan to get the legal stuff out of the way before heading down. Is there anyone out there who plans to/did do the legal marriage south of the border? Any advice to make the process go smoother? Brooklyn Carolina, you're getting married the day before me!! I originally wanted your date, but the Sunday works just as well for us too. The holiday weekend makes travel a little easier on the kids who will be missing some school to come down. Congratulations!n I am an early planner so I had request the date back in September!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Alohachik3 Brooklyn - Have you looked into what the weather will be like in January?? I'm thinking about December but will that be too cold? We went to PV for our pre-wedding planning trip this January - January 2 - 10 and the weather was perfect high 70s and low 80s. Not too cold and not too hot.
  12. Autumn, Where did you get your luggage tags. How did you make them?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by RedCasillas03 I have a couple of question about the boat ride. How long of a boat ride is it to Las Caletas and how rough is the water? I just found out that a couple of people get motion sickness and we are worried about the boat ride. Does anyone know of any remedies that can calm them down during the ride over. Thanks. I did the boat ride last week and it was smooth. The rough part was the docking but that was only a few minutes.....
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