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Santa Ynez Wineries


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I just wanted to let people know about some really beautiful places in Santa Ynez Valley (20 miles north of Santa Barbara)! I love this place - this is an amazing option for So Cal or other peeps who want to have a Napa/Sonoma type wedding down here in SoCal! I have no idea what the prices are (though I imagine they aren't cheap) but the wine is delicious, it's convenient to both LA and Santa Barbara there's tons of hotels, the countryside is simply breathtaking... sigh... I love it. My favorite place is:


Sunstone Vineyards - $7500 location fee: Weddings


Gainey Vineyard - $5500 and below (depending on day of the week)



My friend went and checked out (but the location fee is >$10K!!!) The Crossroads Estates at Firestone Vineyards - Firestone Vineyard | Visit Firestone | Private Special Events

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Thanks Kash. I looked into the area originally. We live really close so that would have been perfect .. I always wanted to get married at a vineyard under a large oak tree and have my reception in a wine cellar, but when I saw the prices (that doesn't include anything but location) I thought.. oh, the beach would be nice. lol :)

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