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Thank you so much, ladies!!! Between the amazing photographers and all the thoughts and idea sharing done on this forum, you ALL take some credit!!


Elizabeth, we had a dinner in an open restaurant (Sea Side Grill) but had our own large secluded table and wait staff, so we didn't have to pay for a private reception. It worked out perfect for our group of about 20 since the age range was 8-79 and no one there was a real partier. We enjoyed each others company, laughed A LOT, ate fabulous food and then before we knew it, it was time for "cake". I chose to have a dessert hour instead of a cocktail hour and Sharron (our WC) set it all up. We had alllll kinds of desserts laid out, and even an open bar!! During this time we had hired the Fire Dancers to come for some entertainment and it was incredible!! Then we cut the cake. The night went by so fast!!! Then we were up before dawn for our TTD session...I'm exhausted just typing that and thinking about it, LOL!


The Dreams website has a Wedding Guide you can find out a lot of information on regarding your questions about packages, options and photos. I found Melissa Green on this forum and she suggested Summer Hooke...one of the best decisions I've ever made!!! I would STRONGLY urge you to bring your own photographer if you can. It was one of my top priorities for my wedding and I'm SOOOOO happy with that decision!


I know I said this last week, but I promise that I'll have my review up this weekend!!!

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congrats christine! your pictures look beautiful so far!! I want to be there NOW!


I've been a lil MIA but am getting frustrated with some of my guests saying they cant go...2 out of 3 bridesmaids are bailing on me ( my lil sister and my best childhood friend). The few people you absolutly expect to come, can't figure it out. ughhhh!! ;-( now i have one BM.

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Originally Posted by cristinimartini View Post
I thought things were busy BEFORE the wedding...boy was I wrong!! Hahaha...I think I just chose to ignore them because the wedding took priority hehehe...back to reality :-/

I'm working on my review, but in the mean time, some of our photos have been blogged!!! Check out these awesome shots from Melissa Green!!! Melissa Green Photography | Utah Wedding Photography, Boudoir and Modern Photojournalist

I was lucky enough to have Melissa and Summer photograph our wedding and it was THE BEST decision I could have made. The only things I got to take away are my husband, my memories and my photos. That's a LOT to trust with anyone and we couldn't have chosen a better team to work with. I'll write more in my review!! I promise!!

Nat, as you can see from the pics if you get a chance to look at them, we got married in the gazebo. I was SUPER happy with that choice. The beach is nice, but I like the scenery and greenery around the gazebo more. I didn't want the audience that a beach wedding brings. We still had some onlookers, but not nearly as many as if it was on the beach.

I took lots of pictures of Bordeaux terrace because that's where we were going to have our "dessert hour" with the fire dancers. When Sharron checked with the schedule of the fire dancers, they said "no way" to Bordeaux because of the wooden pergola structure. It's definitely got to be my favorite view, but we had to do Himitsu due to the fire hazard. I have family photos if you'd like me to send you some. It's the perfect place for lanterns and you can put tons of them up if you'd like!
Congrats Christina! Your pics are great, and I love that they can pull up that God awful red carpet! Sorry to all the brides that are using it, it's just my opinion :)

Can you send me some pictures of the Bourdeax Terrace please. My email is Misty.Mitchell@gmail.com.

Thanks and congrats again :)

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Jenn - I feel ya, my childhood best friend also bailed, claimed it was too expensive since she is moving back to the region which I understood... then a month later booked a big trip elsewhere. Since I found that out, we haven't spoken... I was brokenhearted (still am). Hope that doesn't happen to you!


Those who really want to be there WILL be there... it's a real eye opener! Don't feel bad about the BM situation.. my fiance started out with 5, went down to ONE, and now has two (he asked another buddy). Not even his brother is going, citing some b.s. reason that I don't buy. Don't worry though, as long as you and your FI go, that's what's important! love.gif

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Jenn: I totally agree with Nat, as long as you 2 are there, that's all that matters.


I had my BM drop out when I moved my wedding to 2010 just so 2009 would be dedicated to her wedding and she got preggy on her honeymoon so can no longer attend our wedding. Talk about being pissed! I mean if you obligate yourself to be in someone's wedding or say you are going be there, then you need to find a way to make it work in my opinion. So I totally feel your pain.


However the SHOW will still go on, so kill them with kindness and put all your AWESOME pictures up on Facebook when you get back and let them sit in there misery when they see them! That's my plan!! haha :)

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i've been 100% MIA, but i wanted to let you guys know that my photographer put up our full galleries on her website!


go here:

EyeSpy Photography


and there are 2 different galleries.. one for the wedding and one for TTD. the passcode for the wedding is "blackmore" and for the TTD is "cashsammi". if you can't get them to work, let me know!

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