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Dreams Punta Cana Brides

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Hey Toya,


Got keep up love. LOL. Wow, you have a lot of big things to do in 4 months. But I'm sure once you get the ball rolling, nothing will stand in your way and it'll be a breeze.


Have you decided on colors and styles and now it's just a matter of buying everything?


You're bringing your own cake cutter, etc. The resort doesn't supply you with that. Or you just want to use your own?


Have ANY idea on centerpieces or favors? Sucks that you can't really give chocolates because it'll melt. I'm actually thinking of giving Old Navy flip flops as my favors wrapped together with cute ribbons and a starfish.


Good luck with your planning. Your day will be here before you know it. No pressure though. lol

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holy new bride explosion!!! i haven't had to catch up this much in SO long!


for the longest time it was just me and tara in april and now there are a whole big group! too bad pretty much no one will be there during our visit!


toya, you'll be just fine getting that stuff done! you'd be surprised.. you'll get a burst of inspiration one day and then you'll just go nuts getting everything finished.


or at least that's what i keep telling myself so i don't flip about what i have left!! :)

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Favors, more fun!!!! I think mamajuanas are a greattt ideaaa!


What is a "mamajuana" ("Mama Juana")?

The "mamajuana", also known as "mama Juana," "damajuana" or "dama Juana" is a beverage native to the Dominican Republic, where it is made by combining rum, wine, honey and ingredients as varied as the people making it and as unique as the needs of the customers requesting it.


(What is a mamajuana (mama juana or damajuana)?)


I found this set which is sooo adorableeee but a bit expensive ($19.95)

I will keep on looking until I find the perfect size one to give away during the wedding. They usually come in adorable bottles that will add to the decoration of the table. (I also just learn today how to add pictures smile159.gif )


Click the image to open in full size.

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Yeh the list seems long but I just have to get motivated again, I got kinda lazy after the major things were done lol.... my color scheme and ideas were already picked so its just ordering stuff now, my colors are all tropical, (kiwi/lime green, aqua blue, and hints of pink). Ceneterprices I have an idea but haven't actually priced and put anything together, I wish I could get mine as cheap as Nat's cause her's are $4 per table. For favors I have no idea what I want to do , the flip flops are a cute idea and everyone could really use that, I will have to sit and think some more on what I want to do for favors.

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Totally April DPC bride overload! Rock on though! :0D Let the ideas fly!


Jennifer, I sent the brochure, let me know if you have any issues opening it. It's pretty mundane and simple, but I'm hoping it gets some important points across! I also hope everyone received it, since we totally forgot to write return addresses on our envelopes! :0S


I LOVED Bordeaux terrace best of the 3 when I visited the resort last summer, and totally pictured our reception there. However, we now have 43 guests, and I definitely want room for some wild dancing, so we opted to go with Himitsu. The view is still gorgeous, and it will give us extra room to rip it up!


Cath and Jamie (and eliana, if you do decide to do a site visit during April, think of all the weddings you’d see!), we DEFINITELY need to meet up for a brides night out at the disco. Or possibly a bride-off? LOL, just kidding, but at least for a drink! It would be great to meet you ladies!


And yes, no problems about the left over decorations, you guys are more than welcome to use them, and if anyone needs details on what I have, let me know and I'll tell you. I definitely think they will try to charge for them, unless I leave it with a specific bride, or FOR a specific bride. My colours are mainly fuscia/hot pink though, with some white and clover green.


Toya, you’ll have no problem getting stuff done, and some of that sounds like fun stuff to look forward to, like favours! So much fun! We decided to do mugs, because we thought people would use them at home after the wedding, and they would serve as a badge that our guests are part of our wedding group, for those guests that don't know many people going down! :0) I also went to another destination wedding that did personalized silver wedding tags for all.


We are definitely using an Ipod for the ceremony AND reception, though this is one point of STRESS for me! First of all, deciding what songs to play, and when, then uploading them in playlist form, and finally, making sure the battery doesn't die/thing get played in order/no one messes with the music, sicne we'll have no one manning the Ipod, etc. But hopefully all will work out, or at least I hope I'm so ecstatic with everything that I don't care that much about it!


Off topic, does anyone know how you become anything on this site besides a "noob"? From my screen, I don't even have a profile picture, and I was so stoked to bypass 100 posts thinking I might graduate to a junior member or something, but no such luck!

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Hey Tara, The IPOD thing is stress factor for me too because I am certainly no DJ lol.. but I think I am going to ask 1 of my DJ friends to hook my IPOD up for us or make a couple of CD's

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Thanks tara! i love it, great info for me to steal ;-)


You can upload ur own pic still being a noob, u just have to search around ur account spot for where to show it( i dont know exactly where i did it). and i finally became a Jr. Member cus i had 150 points, so not too much longer!!

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Originally Posted by elifrigo View Post
Hello Brides,

are any of you having your dinner at the Bordeaux terrace... if so... are you having paper laterns hang over the tables or nothuh.gif
any ideas or suggestions....
Hi Eliana,

Can you please email us the ppt? rcaslib@gmail.com

We can't view the attachment. Thanks!!

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Hello beautiful ladies:


Thought I'd share some info with you that I got back from Deyanira in case you had the same questions I did:


Can you please give me the dimensions of the round tables you use as I will be ordering table cloth overlays shortly. 30¨high x 72¨ long. This is the one that we normally use.


Can you let me know what kind of cake flavors and icing flavors you offer? The flavors are vanilla, chocolate, almond or strawberry. The icing is white.


Can you give me a little more information about the bonfire for $175. Iâ€m thinking about having this the day before my wedding as opposed to a rehearsal/welcome dinner but would like to know what it includes if anything. This only includes the bon fire for 1 hour. If you would like to have music and drinks that has an additional cost. Find attached the bar packages. ( I can email this to you if you'd like to see it)


Also, can you give me more information on the Photographerâ€s package?




Photography of Ceremony with half an hour after ceremony for a beach or garden session with the newlywed couple, two sets of 50 Photographs (Digital Negative in CD and printed in 5X7 format), the photos will vary from color to B/W to sepia. US$500.00




Pre wedding photo session, Preparation of Bride and Groom, ceremony, after wedding photo session, 100 color, B/W or sepia 5X7 photographs, CD with selected 100 photos. US$1,250.00




Pre or Post wedding photo session, Preparation of Bride and Groom, Ceremony, 200 color, B/W or Sepia 5X7 photographs, receptions coverage, etc. US$2,000.00


Additional Information:


An additional 10% charge is added if package or photo services are charged to the guest room.


Prices are subject to changes.


She also sent me actual pictures of bride's bouquets. If you wanna see them, just let me know as I haven't quit figured out how to upload pics here. lol

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