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  1. Hey everyone! We just got back from our Honeymoon.. and are extremely tired.. but wanted to check in to add a quick comment.. we will write a complete review in the next day or two, once we get settled in... Our wedding was great.. the weather was perfect and everyone had a blast.. however, there were many things that went wrong during our stay.. we had a total of 20 guests and about 10 rooms (i will include more specifics in our review)... Most of our rooms had issues with the A/C not working.. we had the Preferred Club Junior Suite and our first room was hot, had a bad smell, had mildew and stains on the couches... it was completely unacceptable.. we told the concierge and we got moved to another room that was better, but still not great.. Some of our guests were moved multiple times.. others, moved once.. we spent so much time dealing with these issues.. and that isn't something we wanted to worry about.. I mean, it is true, you don't spend much time in your room, but we pay top dollar for a room.. shouldn't we get what we paid for?? The A/C wasn't the only issue.. some rooms, the remote control didn't work, the TV didn't work, the back door wouldn't lock, toilet wouldn't turn off.. outlets not working (for fridge and coffee maker).. bathroom outlets not working.. etc... I guess it comes down to, you need to be lucky to get a nice room.. if not, expect a few hours of dealing with the front desk and having to pack/move your stuff to a new room.. other things went wrong as well... We will write more later.. let us know if you have any questions.. our reception was at the Bordeaux Terrace.. the view was the best of any of the terraces.. (in our opinion).. Please don't take our comments the wrong way... we learned sooo much from this forum and want to offer or help in return.. so, use your own judgement.. but for us, we decided that we will never return to Dreams Punta Cana..
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Tam We had 4 & 5 yrs and didn't bring any car seats... everything was fine, but it's up to you... Thanks Tam! We didn't know if the DR had any specific requirements... it will only be for to and from the resort from the airport.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by elifrigo At this point, you should probably reach out to her by phone... just in case to confirm everything... how many people do you have going to your wedding? are you having a private dinner/reception? if yes, which location did you choose for the event? good luck and email her/call her until she gets back to you! We are having about 20 ppl.. our wedding is at the Gazebo, reception at the Bordeaux Terrace... private dinner.. We have a 4 year old coming... and we aren't sure if we need to, but should we bring a child car seat
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Melissa~ When we were there last June Andrea and Jason had cups made but I don't remember seeing anyone use them actually The cups they provide you with are pretty big... let me see if I can find a picture to show ya. So you can kind of see actually the mugs (the blue ones) from Andrea and then the beer glasses. For the fruity drinks they use a similar style. They're very tall and plastic if I can remember correctly. Thanks everyone for your input. I think we will hold off on the cups... one less thing to worry about.. I attempted to contact Deyanira about some wedding things, however she hasn't responded... i assumed that she would be giving us her attention since our wedding is in 1 week!!...
  5. Hi, our wedding is right around the corner!! We leave for DPC on Monday. I was wondering, has anyone heard that it is good for you and your guests to bring your own drink cups? And the bartenders fill them up with whatever you want? If so, what type did you get? Thanks!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Tam We had 4 kids with our group 4-10yrs. They have the explorers club which will even keep the kids til 10 at night. Our kids really liked it. They have tons of activities for them and different themes/parties/events each day... We have one 4 year old going with us.. the only child.. was anyone nervous about leaving their children there??..
  7. Hi everyone.. our wedding is right around the corner..March 19th... we are nervous because not all the details are finalized.. but I've read that we finalize everything there.. maybe it's just cold feet?? We will post our review when we return...
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Sprattjn My Fiance and I just received an RSVP acceptance from one of the pastors at his parents church. Does anyone know if they will let us have him conduct the ceremony rather than having the WC conduct it (we are having the symbolic ceremony)? Also - this is a stupid question but does anyone know if they count the bride and groom in the guest count for the wedding packages? Jamie Hi Jamie, yes, you can have someone conduct the ceremony if it is a symbolic one.. we are having Pastor Rick York and have already confirmed it with Deynira. Also, I am almost certain that the bride/groom are included in the quest count... but you may want to ask your WC.. Hope this helps!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by cristinimartini Melbeern-- Thanks for the info!! Definitely worth asking about IMHO. When is your wedding? If I find anything out about price "negotiations" I'll let you know!!! Thanks! We'd appreciate it!! Our wedding is on March 19, 2010... approaching fast!! Is anyone using Pastor Rick York??.. we would like to use him however he is already scheduled at another resort for our time slot. We are trying to adjust our wedding time because I hear Pastor Rick York is great... can anyone confirm?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by cristinimartini Hi Jenise!! YES!! I'm so happy to hear that we've got so many NJ brides on here. I feel like we should all meet up for a cocktail :-) I'm getting married May 24, 2010...so it's coming up soon! My David's Bridal (DB) experience felt like shoe shopping to me. I'm 5'10" bare foot and wear 4" heels all day, so I'm pretty noticeable, but when I go shoe shopping, it's like I'm invisible. At the DB I went to (granted, it was on a Holiday-- this past Monday), they assigned me to a consultant who took about 15 minutes to get to the front. She asked me what I wanted (didn't know since this was my 1st time shopping), and then said "OK! I'll bring you some dresses". That's about all she did. She put me in a room and said when I came out, she'd zip me up. Well, I came out and she was no where to be found. I had to have someone else do it. Then I waited and waited. So I took that dress off, and put the next one on. Still not around...This continued until I got to the last of the 5 dresses she pulled. She asked what I thought and I said "I thought you were going to help...". I guess I just expected some more of her "experience" in picking things that worked for me and my body type. She was getting yelled at by managers (I think) about putting dresses away, so maybe she was new, but I just wanted to leave. The other brides who were there trying on dresses were more helpful than my consultant was. Oh well...I tried. I might go back, but to a different store. I have a couple more appointments this weekend all around NJ, so I'll see what I find. Anyone been to Jefre Bridal? They don't have the dress I'm dying to try on, but I'll see if anything else catches my eye in the mean time :-) Would any of you know the answer to this question: If you stay the 7 days in the Honeymoon Suite to get the free wedding package, if you upgrade to one of the other packages, do they deduct the free wedding package price from the larger one? Hi Cristin, I had that same question about the free wedding package and if they deduct anything if you upgrade to a different package... Deyanira's response is below: "Also, we might want to upgrade to the ultimate wedding package. Is there a discount off that since we have so many rooms booked? I am sorry, the price of the wedding packages are not negotiable, interchangeable or transferable." Hope this helps!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by elifrigo Hello Brides, are any of you having your dinner at the Bordeaux terrace... if so... are you having paper laterns hang over the tables or not any ideas or suggestions.... Hi Eliana, Can you please email us the ppt? rcaslib@gmail.com We can't view the attachment. Thanks!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Autumn1 Erin, I can't download it at work, either...could you e-mail it to me when you get a chance?!?! autumnsump@yahoo.com ...thank you so much! Hey, and does the iPod docking station charge your iPod, too? I feel like I have such silly little questions! lol We are having Rick York do our ceremony, as well. He does charge the $300, so we just offered for him and his wife to come to our dinner and reception. I do not think I will be tipping him...I feel awful sometimes b/c I don't think I am "cheap" and I always tip my hair dresser, waitress, etc. very nicely. I just have mixed feelings on all of this tipping at a resort for the wedding when it is already all-inclusive and yet we are paying a very nice price above and beyond for any services, plus bringing 50-100 guests to their resort b/c of us. I don't know...maybe I am a terrible person!!...lol. But, isn't gratuity included in the dinner...seems like I remember a certain percentage being tacked on? Goodness...somebody help me justify this b/c I feel like a cheapskate! Hi Erin, can you please forward it to me as well? rcaslib@gmail.com Thanks!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by PynkLemonade Jamie I just sent you an email with the welcome kit and spa list that I got from Erin who is also on this forum. Hi. Can you please forward me the Dreams Punta Cana welcome kit as well? our wedding is right around the corner! rcaslib@gmail.com Thanks!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Tam I'm BAAAACK!!! I will be doing a planning thread tomorrow hopefully.. wrote most of it on the plane today. I did post some pics on FB cuz I still can't figure out how to do it here. Overall, things went well. Have been up since 4am and travelling all day so I am very tired. You guys have nothing to worry about.. Ended up getting married at the gazebo as the beach was just way too windy in the pm. Hi Tam! Welcome home! I look forward to hearing all the details... how can I find you on FB?